What’s new in version 4.3.3?

We always find incredible how many details goes behind the scene of every new release of phlow. This week we have released a new version, and I wanted to take few minutes to tell you what great new features you are going to find in it!


## How can you share your photographs?

We have made the process to share your photograph easier. When your account is connected to Facebook, you can now share an image with one click. You can also decide to share a photo automatically when you are publishing it on phlow. This will allow you to reach a wider audience without spending time.

We have also expanded the ways you can share a photo by copying its link or sending it via email. You can find the two options below every image. Sharing beautiful, relevant photographs is now much simpler and immediate than before!

## The stream experience, the way you like it

At phlow we are constantly exploring new ways of creating a great viewing experience. The way you see the photographs streaming in front of your eyes is a fantastic experience, but we believe in understanding how we can make things better. Today we are rolling out an experimental feature that allows you to see a stream in a simpler, more minimalist way.

To try it just select the “flat streams” in your settings (profile > menu > settings). We are curious to understand if you like the traditional streams or the new flat ones! Make your voice count!

## The usual suspects (aka bug fixes)

Thanks to your bug reports, we have identified how to make the phlow experience less hiccupping.

* Users without profile picture (ahem…) are now identified with a cool new icon. _A profile picture would still be cooler though_
* You can now remove contacts from the people you can invite just by swiping them to the left. _don’t we all have some contacts we don’t want to see in that list?_
* The password reset procedure has been sleeked out. _Aka, it is managed internally by the app_
* The search has been updated to show more results _we understood you wanted more_
* For users without any published image, we have decided to show a message inviting them to share _we want to see what you love, please!!!_
* When sharing your own magazine, people are redirected to the correct URL even if the shared link is the edit-only screen _you want to give an amazing experience to your readers, don’t you?_
* Fixed a glitch that showed some tags on top of a photograph when looking at the photo details
* Fixed a bug that was showing the labels on top of the fields in the profile edit page

So, what do you think of phlow? Do you like it? Would you like to see something changed? Let us know!

We don’t want to spoil any surprise, but version 4.4 may enhance your initial experience when you open the app. Stay tuned, as it will be released soon!

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