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phlow’s founder, Carlo Nicora, speaks about his top 5 features on phlow, and how he believes they can help us appreciate photos in a revolutionary way.

phlow did not start as an idea, it started as a series of issues I wanted to solve. There isn’t a product that fits what I, a photographer, wanted. In this post I will try and pick my top 5 features in phlow I love. I have to admit that picking them was not simple. I did not picked these five features not just for what they can do for photographers. I am an image lover, and I know what I want to see. At least I thought I knew what I wanted to see, but you will understand more in my fifth most loved feature.

1. What do I want to see today?

One of the things I wish to insist on is that phlow is not another social media. In phlow you won’t follow other people to see what they publish. **You follow themes you love** (and that make you discover new people). This may seem a foolish difference, but it is not. By stopping following people, you widen your horizon in terms of whose photos you can see. Moreover, since there is no like4like game, phlow can analyse people’s behaviours to define what’s more relevant in every theme.

As a photographer, I don’t need to be followed for my images to be seen. I need to produce amazing photographs, and they will be seen by people that truly love that theme.
As an image lover, I want to see compelling photographs. For my “friends” vacation images Facebook is the best place, but what if I want to see things I really love?


2. Let bygones be bygones

How many times have you opened your Instagram to see the same photographs over and over again? Well, at least that was happening before Instagram hijacked its ordering system, now it is even worst. The point is that repetitive images, or posts like in Facebook, are news the first time you see them, and noise after that. Social media has anaesthetised us to see repetitions, but phlow is not a social media. When you flow through one image in phlow, that image is gone. If it was truly an amazing photo, you could have saved it in your favourites or in a magazine. The point is that every time you open the same theme, you will see different images.


3. Who is a trend setter?

There are always those people who can spot a trend before it becomes a trend. They put the colours of the season before everyone else, or they cut their beard before that cut becomes a standard. Now, phlow is a behavioural-based platform, which means it listens to what everyone do on each photo in each theme. This is done to show the most relevant photographs first.

The reality is that not all the users are equal. I have a long experience in photographing people, but I have never took a landscape in my life. When I see a portrait, I am more likely to spot the great ones, but you should not rely on me to tell you what is the best sunset over the sea.
phlow is able to understand which users are able to spot trending images before they become trending. We thought it would have been interesting to transform this in a game. When you are in a theme you love, just open the menu and check how good at spotting trends you are!



4. Freedom of expression

As photographer, I specialise in photographing women. More specifically I am specialising in giving women confidence by showing them how beautiful they are. Sometimes this means photographing them without much covering their skin. I have, and always had, a very simple relationship with nudity: I believe it is natural and non necessarily sexual.

When we thought phlow though, we decided to opt for a more “liberal” approach to nudity. We protect young people who should not be exposed to nudity. If you are of age, and you are not scandalised by it, you can decide to see photos containing nudity.

The same applies to photographs who may depict content of violent nature. We have always seen phlow as a platform that respect freedom of expression. As long as you don’t broke decency or the law, we commit to respecting your freedom of expression. Freedom to publish images that may be of sensitive nature, and freedom to see or not to see them.


5. Let phlow show things you may love

As I mentioned before, phlow is a behavioural-based platform. It listens to what I do to create a community of compelling photographs. A few months ago, we started analysing the behaviour in different ways and I, for once, started seeing photos I loved, without knowing I would have loved them. Because every time you swipe an image to love it or to tell phlow that it is not relevant, you tell us what you love. In the long run, some patterns appear. To make our home page more interesting, we decided, with the version 4.4 which is out now, to show you things you may like.

I did not plan this feature, it just happened, and I adore it!

Have you had time to check my 5 favourite features of phlow? As I had a limit, I left out many others. Which are yours?

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