5-Minute Yoga Challenge on a Busy Day

Do you want to have more energy during the day? You need to relax but you have a tight schedule? Here is my ultimate 5-minute yoga challenge for busy days.

When it comes to exercising or feeling good about yourself, you should not avoid your training, saying that you do not have enough time. As a person who does yoga positions regularly even when I have a few minutes due to a busy working and traveling schedule, I always tend to find time to free my spirit and feel good about myself with the 5-minute yoga challenge. 

In order to help you feel better throughout the day, I have created this 5-minute yoga challenge with a few quick poses that will stretch you completely.

5-Minute Yoga Challenge

It does not matter if you are a busy mom, or working crazy office hours, or if you spend your time in front of the books. There are different types of yoga positions you can do even while you wait for your coffee to be ready, and yes, age does not matter if you are willing to renew your mental and physical health. It is important to do at least 5-minute yoga challenge daily and eventually with time, you will learn to love it more.

Personally, I tend to start my 5- minute yoga challenge during the morning because that is when I have more free time and I also use these yoga positions to wake up quickly. With some of the quick yoga poses, I will post below, you will also be able to follow my daily routine and get inspired and positive each day.

21 Day – 5-Minute Yoga Challenge

Routines are the key since they generate habits and once a habit has been created, we have made great strides along the way. They make things much easier and are indicators of success. This is why my daily routine, which consists of 5-minute yoga challenge that help me prepare my body and feel energetic and healthy throughout the day.

They say that for some psychological changes, something must be repeated for 21 days in order to generate enough neuronal chains that allow the implementation of a habit in our life. This also implies to yoga positions. If you have set your goals straight, then my ultimate 5-minute yoga challenge will successfully assist you.

5-Minute Yoga Challenge Warm-Up Pose

This is my first yoga position from my 5-minute yoga challenge. The original name is Surya Namaskara and it is known as sun salutation routine.

Starting in a standing position, raise your arms above your head in a sweeping motion, inhaling as you do. Lean forward and exhale leaning forward and stretching your legs over your breath. It is a quick yoga pose and you can use it to start your day.

Standing posture – Mountain

Breathing is an essential part of yoga. Make sure you inhale and exhale while you move from one to another yoga positions. For the “Mountain” pose, you need to stand straight, with your feet firmly anchored to the floor, keeping body weight evenly distributed between the front and back of each foot. Also, balance the weight of the body between the left foot and the right foot and let the pelvis perfectly level. That is, without tilting the pelvis forward or backward. Relax your shoulders and there you have a quick yoga pose from my 5-minute yoga challenge for stretching your whole body.

Upward dog

In this yoga position, your ankles go down against the carpet and you bend from the trunk up until you look up at your back in the form of an arch. Let your chest expand and bend your arms straight near the ribs. The shoulders should be down, completely away from the ears. Breathe! This quick yoga position opens your energy centers in the body, reduces tension and fatigue. I always include it in my 5-minute yoga challenge because it makes me serene.

Why I recommend this 5 Minute Yoga Challenge

We get our energy from our environment, nature, the outdoors, and the activities we do can increase or decrease our energy levels. Yoga positions give us an extra dose of energy, helping us deal stressful situations.

When practiced early in the morning, we are less likely to feel overwhelmed at the thought of facing the day. However, this 5-minute yoga challenge can be also done according to your free time.

To conclude

Yoga positions have made me give up loud parties, and to focus more on myself and my inner peace. There is nothing more that I love than traveling to the trendiest yoga centers in Bali, Los Angeles, India etc. and finding more inspiring teachers and yogi around the world.  The whole purpose of my 5-minute yoga challenge is to help you get in touch with yourself and to inspire you to try more yoga positions whenever you can. Do not forget to take a lot of pictures, because you never know who you can inspire on Instagram.


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