The 5 Steps To Live A Glamorous Life As A Photographer

Looking for a glamorous photography lifestyle? In many ways, it depends on what you actually mean when you think of the word glamorous. For different people it means different things. For some, it means wealth. For others, travelling around the world. And yet for others it can mean something completely different. But, to achieve this dream, you need to understand these five essential steps.

Living a glamorous life as a photographer is no simple achievement. There will be many obstacles to overcome along the way, and often, it is also not sustainable in the long run. Contrary to popular opinions, glamour doesn’t suddenly appear one day. Instead, it takes many different achievements. One day though, you may feel a true sense of accomplishment .


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The Glamorous Life of a Photographer: this unknown monster

It’s very easy to look at a photographer’s life and imagine them having full control over their work. But the reality of professional photography is very rarely like this.

It takes hard work to achieve the status of a professional photographer, not least of which starts with long hours. An overnight success happens only after sleepless nights spent working hard! You must first develop the mind of a photographer, before your art can be transferred onto an image.

But, if you are willing to commit to photography, and to spend time and effort, it will absolutely pay off in the end! There is no better feeling than being able to do something that you love. Especially if that something is the creative and passionate profession of photography.

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1. Pick your niche

You cannot be everything to everyone, otherwise you will end up being the Jack of all trades, but the King of none. The trick is to choose the audience that your style of photography fits. You must be passionate about it. It takes time to master the mood, and the techniques that specific niches need. So, it’s always a better idea to stick to a niche that excites you.

However, not every niche will provide you with the glamorous lifestyle that you always hoped for. One way to start is through fashion photography or through agencies. The competition is severe in every niche, so it is important that you choose the right one from the start.

Many photographers want the glamorous life. But, it is only the ones that persist and work hard for it that will manage to achieve it in the end. There is a lot of competition. If you are not constantly on top of your game, there will be very little left for you to work with.


2. Network, Network, Network

Networking is super important if you are to achieve the glamorous life that you dream of. If you dislike spending time with people you will find it harder for yourself to find clients, and eventually, to succeed. Your goal will be harder to reach if you are a wallflower. The glamorous life is easier to reach for good networkers.

There are many ways that you can do this. Interact with as many people as possible at parties, conferences, and support others. People need to know you exist. They must remember you when the time comes to collaborate on a project, or to forward a client.

3. Step up the quality of your game

Experience or awards are not enough. The quality of your photographs is paramount. You should never stop improving your craft.

This is where you have to shine! Your photos need to be spot on! You have to test as much as you can, develop your style and make sure you can repeat the same quality over and over again. You should live and breathe your photography every day. Working with modeling agencies is key to succeed in a certain environment. And if you want to photograph with agencies, your portfolio has to shine.

4. Learn to say NO

From an early point in your career, you must learn to respect your time and your own opinion. There need to exist boundaries between work that brings you closer to your goals, and work that you are doing just for the sake of it. It may not seem like a big deal at first. But, if you add up too many small mistakes in your choice of work, they will become how other people see you. For example, if you disregard any clothing style in your photos, you will be remembered as someone who doesn’t collaborate with stylists. If you don’t take care how you present yourself, they may not wish to work with you for lack of professionalism. If you photograph the wrong type of models, you won’t be considered for specific jobs. The higher you want to go with success, the harder you will have to work for it.

Nothing is worse than diverting your attention from your niche. The model is not the shape you want to show in your portfolio? Say No. The style of clothes does not match your brand? Say No. The location does not represent you? Say No.

Remember, it is ok to say no if saying yes won’t bring you closer to achieve your goals.

5. Style, Style, Style

If you want to be part of the glamorous world of photography, your personal style needs to reflect the world you want to live in. Style isn’t just restricted to your photographs. It also includes how you present yourself and how you communicate with others. Whenever you leave the house, you are presenting yourself to the world the way you want it to see you. As a photographer, you never know when the next opportunity for work or for inspiration will come. Presenting yourself should always be top priority. This includes your fashion, your behaviour, how you portray your work to others, and how you talk about other people.

Bonus: be honest with yourself!

Being a photographer is a hard job. Your art is only part of what you need to do. Marketing and business will always be there, and you should never stop learning. If you are dreaming the glamorous life of a photographer, you need to have all the building blocks. Jump too soon, and you will fall flat on your face.
The reality is that yes, you can live the glamorous life of a photographers, but that normally comes with time. It also requires a lot of sacrifices, which you have to accept. If that’s not for you, don’t be discouraged. There are few things as fulfilling in life as being able to portray the world to someone else through your own, original work.

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Jovana is a marketer with a university degree in International Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing jobs in various industries and business types and a proven track record of over 50 successfully delivered projects related to digital marketing and business growth.
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