8 Insanely Useful Tips on How to Use phlow

Haven’t you heard the news? phlow is a content-centred community that enables you to see only the content you care about and achieve success with your photos by focusing solely on your talents and skills. Counting likes and followers to increase exposure for your content is so 2016!

So, if you’re up for joining the revolution and changing the photo-sharing game with phlow, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1 you can influence what others will see by upvoting/downvoting photos in phlow

By voting on photos, you directly manage which photos are shown in the phlow photo streams.

Let’s see how it works! As you scroll through a phlow stream, you will notice a red X, an upward arrow, and a green “tick” sign.

To upvote a photo you like, simply click on the green “tick” sign placed on the right. To downvote a photo that you don’t like and don’t want to see, just click on the red “X” sign placed on the left. To just move on to the next photo without voting, just click on the upward arrow in the middle.

The more you interact with the photos and vote on them, the more you influence what other users will see. This is your opportunity to influence new trends and grow your relevance on phlow!


Hold up… have you not tried phlow yet? Click on one of the links below to get started!

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2 you can make your photos relevant by managing tags

You may want to see our best #blackandwhite photos or even #blackandwhite#portrait. We collect all the photos that match those tags and we order them based on your and other users’ behaviour towards them. This filters the noise and brings up the photos which are most relevant for you.

This is how tags work. Now, if you’ve published any of your photos on phlow, you’ve probably asked yourself how to use phlow to make your photos relevant. Well, here we are!

To increase the relevance of your photos in a particular niche, as well as their visibility across phlow, make sure you choose up to 8 tags for which your photos are truly relevant. Avoid the catchall tags used in Instagram, as they may lower the overall relevance of your photos.

3 you can tell a story with your magazines

While some of us are great at capturing great photos, others have a fantastic ability to tell stories through a series of images, even if we haven’t captured them ourselves. This is why we’ve introduced magazines.

You can create your own magazine on phlow to showcase your curation talent, set the trends and influence the community. Your magazines can contain your own shared photos or others you can find in phlow.

You can use your magazines to narrate a story with both photos and text!

To create a magazine, go to your profile tab, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and click on “create magazine”. You can also create a magazine directly from the photo you’d like to add to it. Just double-click on the photo you’d like to add to the magazine, and you will see a button to “create a magazine”.

To add text to your photo, click on the little pen in the bottom right corner. A new window will open where you will be able to give each photo a title and a description. You can also stylize the text and create a text break to shorten the initial amount of text that appears before someone clicks on your photo.

Our magazines provide unique possibilities such as subscription and interaction. People who like your magazines will subscribe to them to stay up-to-date.

4 you can rearrange photos in your magazines

Unlike any social network or photo-publishing platform, phlow does have the option to move your photos around in a magazine and put together a feed you like! How to use phlow to arrange the magazine according to your aesthetics?

When you’re inside the magazine on your mobile app, simply tap and hold the photo that you’d like to move and relocate. Then simply drag the photo to the desired place inside your magazine.

This provides you with a unique possibility to create highly visual magazines and group together photos of similar style, colours and filter.

5 you can enable auto-scroll for hands-free scrolling

The auto-scroll feature is great for times when you just want to sit back and enjoy wonderful photos streaming in front of your eyes.

To turn on auto-scroll, click on a stream or magazine that you’d like to see, click on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner and then click on “turn auto-scroll on”. If you’d like to disable auto-scroll, simply click again on the three horizontal lines and click “turn auto-scroll off”. Pretty neat, huh?

6 you can subscribe to magazines and tags

Here is how to use phlow to keep the tags and magazines you like in one place so you can check them out anytime.

In phlow, you can subscribe to magazines and tags you like, which enables you to keep an eye on them and keep up with their updates. To do so, once you are browsing through the photos in a tag or a magazine, just click on three horizontal lines in the bottom right side and click “subscribe”.

All the magazines and tags you’ve subscribed to are saved within the “Subscriptions” section on your Homepage.

7 you can embed any photo stream from phlow to your blog

This is great for sending your blog readers directly to the specific photo stream in phlow. If you have a WordPress blog, check out the plugin below that will do all the work for you!


Simply download the plugin, install it, and then configure its features to match the way you want your embedded stream to look. This is a lot easier than having to send links to people on your own, and it will also give your blog a more visual touch.

8 you can share your photos and magazines from phlow to social media

You can share virtually anything from phlow onto a social media channel.

To do this, go to the item that you want to share, tap on the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner, and choose which social media channel you want to share to. You can choose whether you’d like to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, tumblr, WhatsApp or email. You can also click on “copy to clipboard” and share the link to the content to your desired destination.



And now that you’re more familiar with how to use phlow features, you’re well on your way to become a master user and achieve your goals on phlow.

Ready to rock on?


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