Social media is how most people share and consume information these days, but there’s a big problem with this approach.

By seeing things which our social network shares, we limit our world to the people we know.

And let’s face it – our friends and family don’t always share the same passions, thoughts and beliefs as us. So the chances of us finding what we want on social media are actually pretty slim.

When we share our own content on these platforms, we also feel we have to moderate what we say to socially conform and fit in.

The end result? We are connected more than ever, but have never felt so misunderstood or alone.

phlow works in a completely different way to social media.

  • It’s a content first platform – our users follow content, rather than people.
  • The technology behind phlow identifies the relevance of a piece of content, without taking into account the social network of the creator.
  • On phlow, communities connect around shared passions – rather than who they know.

phlow stops the sea of digital noise, helping users to focus on what’s important to them. it’s a space for people to indulge in passions and to be and express who they really are, free from the expectations of a social network.