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There’s a wide range of journals on phlow right now, showcasing a diverse range of passions, hobbies and opinions. Get inspired by this ‘digested read’ of our recommended top five.

How to approach minimalism with @mel.johnson

Minimalism changed Mel’s life from a fast fashion addict to someone who enjoys the simple beauty of having less. In How a minimalist lifestyle made me a happy person, she describes how she became interested in the subject after a house robbery shattered her attachment to belongings. Mel is honest about the challenges that comes with being a minimalist. It can be hard to not want to “treat yourself”, she argues. But she also gives clear examples of the benefits.

Your guide to slow fashion with @kathleen.hall

Kathleen is a passionate advocate for slow fashion and a font of information when it comes to the scene. In the Ultimate guide to slow fashion, she provides a list of slow fashion buzz terms, explaining what each one means. Listing a directory of companies who meet the criteria for slow production, she explains how consumers can identify brands through certification and other means. Finally, the journal gives a rundown on the latest documentaries and programmes about slow fashion. Highly recommended for stylish environmentalists who care what they wear.

Game of Thrones makes even the geekiest people cool by @joshfoster

Josh writes eloquently about how the cult TV show Game of Thrones (GOT) has made fantasy cool again. He argues that public perception of fantasy fans has completely changed in recent years, specifically due to GOT. So much so, that in his view, his social status has changed as a result. He ends his journal by describing why it’s important to stay true to your identity and values, no matter whether your passion is in fashion or not.

How to protect bees by @codymcguire

In his really useful, practical guide, 9 Ways to Help Bees Thrive, Cody McGuire explains different steps that people can take to protect bees. His advice ranges from becoming a bee ambassador, to avoiding harmful pesticides and planting a bee garden. His journal What bees have Taught Me About Humanity looks at how mankind could improve, if we emulated bee behaviours such as cooperation and teamwork.

Will space tourism devastate our planet? By @tim.braxton

Tim writes with great insight about the impact of space travel on the environment. In his journal Will Space Tourism Devastate the Planet, he cites various scientific magazines, looking at the likely cost in CO2 emissions of a rocket flight. With one launch equivalent to 395 one-way transatlantic flights, or driving 73 cars for one year, Tim argues that humans need to “clean up their own house first”. He ends his writing with a link to another journal which outlines 10 ways individuals can reduce their CO2 emissions.

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