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phlow is your own personalised photo gallery with streams of fresh visual content based on your interests.

phlow enables you to:

  • explore your interests
  • create visual journals
  • share your work
  • set trends in areas you are passionate about
  • gain valuable insight into your own photos
  • earn from your talent and art

phlow is available on Android, iOS and as a web app you can use directly from your browser.

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All the tags and journals which we believe are incredibly cool on phlow today are listed in the “curated” section in the Homepage tab on web and mobile apps.

This section is updated regularly with tags and journals that have the potential to become trending.

you may like

We’ve been working hard to develop a behavioral, “you-centric” engine that will enable you to see only the content you like. We understand how important it is to remove the “noise” and all the excessive content that floods our social media feeds these days.

Content recommended for you is determined by your behavior and tailored for you based on photographs you’ve browsed or interacted with. You can find it in “you may like” section in the Homepage tab on web and mobile apps.


Your subscriptions are listed under the “subscriptions” section in the Homepage tab on web and mobile apps. It includes a list of all the journals and tags you have subscribed to. Once you subscribe to a new journal or tag, it will be automatically added to your “subscriptions” list.

Make sure you’ve subscribed to all the journals you like in order to stay up-to-date with their new issues.


Tags are list of photographs grouped by one or more hashtags. Photos from all over the web are saved to phlow and categorized by tags.

You may want to see our best #blackandwhite photos, or even #blackandwhite#portrait. We group together photos matching those tags and we order them based on yours and other users’ behavior towards them. This filters the noise and bring up the photos most relevant to you.

Tags are listed in many places on phlow, including trending, curated and you may like sections in the Homepage tab.

You can explore any tag that interest you by typing a keyword in the search bar under “tags” section.


Journals are tags which are curated by a single user. Some of you have the ability to tell incredible stories through a series of photographs. So we want to make sure you follow the creativity of an individual, instead of the crowd.

Our journals provide you unique possibilities such as subscription and interactivity. You can explore various journals in phlow, add their photos to your favorites or subscribe to journals you like to keep up with their latest issues.

Furthermore, you can create your own journal on phlow to showcase your curation talent, set the trends and influence the community.


Notifications are alerts that you will receive for particular actions related to the photos you shared, journals you created and journals you subscribed to.


When you browse through various tags and journals on phlow, you have a tool to add photos you like to your generic bucket.

Favorites are used to save photos you like so you can interact with them again in the future.

Your favorites are private, which means they can be seen only by you. They can’t be seen in your profile or elsewhere in phlow by another user.


We highly value your experience in phlow and we try hard to ensure that you see only the content you want to see. With that in mind, we’ve created a set of tools to improve your browsing experience.

Upvotes and downvotes are your tool to “filter” the photos you want to see from photos you don’t want to see while browsing through various tags in phlow. If you have “upvoted” the photo, you will most likely see more of the similar photos. If you have “downvoted” the photo, our behavioural engine will ensure that you don’t see that photo nor the similar photos.

Please note that upvotes and downvotes are not related to “favorites”. Your upvoted and downvoted photos can’t be found in your profile or elsewhere in phlow.


To make your scrolling experience even more smooth, we have introduced an auto-scroll feature.

You can enable auto-scroll while inside the tag or a journal and see the photos moving by themselves in front of your eyes. Pretty neat, huh?


Simply put, relevance is a measure of your relevance to a particular niche in phlow and is determined by our behavioral engine.

Let’s take an example. You have added a female portrait B&W photograph with the following tags: #woman, #photography, #B&W, #beauty, #portraitphotography.

Let’s say that you’re a portrait photographer, you mostly take B&W photographs and this is your niche. However, let’s say you don’t usually take female portrait photographs – you mainly photograph men and children. Most of the photos you added to phlow are men and children portraits and most of the photos you search for and interact with in phlow are men portraits.

How will this affect your photo relevance score? In this example, your relevance score might look like this:

Overall photo relevance score: 44%

#woman: 9%

#photography: 65%

#B&W: 70%

#beauty: 7%

#portraitphotography: 70%

As you can see in the example above, your overall photo relevance score has been lower because you have low relevance in #woman and #beauty tags.

However, your relevance score might increase over time even in the tags where you are less relevant now. It’s dependent on the content you share, tags you use and your overall interaction with those tags in phlow.

trend setter

A trendsetter in phlow is a person who leads the way in a particular niche i.e. tag with their actions.

Trendsetters are highly relevant in particular niches i.e. tags in phlow. Their relevance is determined by:

  • relevance of the photos they publish
  • their overall relevance to particular tags based on their interaction with them

Reset is a feature that can be used when you’re browsing through photos inside the tag, and it provides you the option to see the same photos in a particular tag again.


Nudity includes visual representations of nudity through the content shared on phlow.

Non-explicit depictions of sexual expressions and behavior, possibly including partial nudity are allowed on phlow for users older than 18. We strongly believe in providing the opportunity for a free expression to everyone, as long as it doesn’t involve any ‘risks’, ‘harms’, and experiences of victimhood in relation to abusive practices.


Violence includes visual representations of violent behavior through the content shared on phlow.

Non-explicit depictions of violent expressions and behavior disseminated in a manner that isn’t considered harmful to viewers are allowed on phlow for users older than 18. We strongly believe in providing the opportunity for a free expression to everyone, as long as it doesn’t involve any ‘risks’, ‘harms’, and experiences of victimhood in relation to abusive practices.

copyright owner

A copyright owner is a person who holds an exclusive right or rights to copyrighted photos shared on phlow. The name of the copyright owner is attached to his/her photo published on phlow.

We strongly respect the rights of copyright owners and we ask that you do the same when you share copyrighted photos on phlow.


Geolocation is a simple option to add location data to your photos as well as to see a geo-location for photos that enabled this data. You also have the option to hide this information in your profile settings or for your individually published photos.

For any security concerns, we assure you that if you choose to hide your location, it will not be visible nor retrievable in the photos you share on phlow.


We try hard to enable you the full freedom of expression in phlow along with a set of tools to customize your browsing experience.

However, while we’re doing our best to prevent dissemination of a content in a manner that might be considered harmful to any user, we’re fully prepared for unexpected. With that in mind, you have the option to “report” any sort of content that you find inappropriate for any reason.

Apart from reporting the content that contains nudity and violence, you can send us a custom message and specify the other reason for reporting a photo.


Comment is any remark, observation, statement, opinion or a response to a photo in phlow.

When you place a comment on a photo, every viewer of the photo will be able to see your comment and your username next to it.

tag jump

Tag jump is the option to switch from one tag to another as well as to combine two or more different tags and browse through the photos inside that combination.

When you browse inside one tag, you will see other tag suggestions. You can either “jump” to another tag, or you can click “+” sign on the other tag and see photos for tags combined.

email notifications

Email notifications are alerts from phlow that you are receiving on your email.

These emails include:

  • Suggestions about what you would like to see today
  • Marketing tips tailored to you from our Marketing Team

If you don’t want to receive these emails, you have the option to disable them in your profile settings.