How To: The Best Headstand Pose

Learn the right way to do the best headstand pose according to the yoga master Yee, and increase your flexibility, energy and calm your mind.

Namaste yoga students! Are you interested in knowing how to become the best yoga practitioner? Learn to do the famous headstand? If this is the case, then allow us to guide you to this practice for beginners which is offer great benefits. Learn how to move, how to breathe and channelize your energy. You can do it through a variety of postures and simple sequences. These will help increase your elasticity and help you discover a new positive mind.

What is a yoga headstand?

For those who do not know how to do a yoga headstand, this attitude can be quite difficult. A headstand is a reversed yoga posture and is known as the kind of all yoga asanas. The term fits because the headstand offers more benefits than other yoga postures. Moreover, it is also more difficult to perform.

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How to do a yoga headstand

While making the famous headstand, the entire body weight of a person is held by your fingers, shoulders, head, and arms. For those who have not done the above posture, it is extremely important to have the support of a wall to carry it out.

Once you are able to carry out the headstand, the physical and mental rewards of the posture will be gripping. Since this is an inverted posture, the direction of blood flow in the body is reversed. There is rapid lymphatic drainage in the body and an increased flow of blood to the brain. This yoga pose also increases the resilience and function of the respiratory system.

How to carry out the headstand pose

  • For almost every yoga pose (including the headstand) you will need a mat.
  • Extend the yoga mat or blanket to give your head proper padding. Place your head on the floor, fingers intertwined and palms facing up. Now, put your head with your fingers intertwined, cradling your head in your hands. Press both palms of hands together and fit against the back of your head.
  • Using your toes, shift the weight of your body toward the lower extremities. At the same time, push the body upwards with your feet toward your torso. As your feet move closer to your chest, allow the knees to bend closer to your chest. Keep your head firmly on your fingers intertwined.
  • Try to keep your balance lift your feet off the floor. If you are a beginner, it will be helpful to have the support of a wall behind your back. Elevate your feet and legs. Change the entire weight of arms and head. You can use your fingers to give yourself enough push to carry both feet in the air.
  • If your knees still flexed, try to straighten them, making the movement very slowly so as not to disturb the weight balance.

If you feel that your upper body and arms are not strong enough, do not try this headstand yoga pose at all.

Benefits of the headstand pose

The headstand yoga pose helps clear the mind. It increases intellectual abilities, decreases anxiety and depression. In spiritual terms, it connects us with the wisdom and value of the universe. It gives us peace and confidence in life. This because it stimulates the seventh chakra, which brings us closer to universal integration.

Among the physical benefits, the headstand pose stimulates the circulatory and respiratory system. It balances the nervous system and strengthens arms, back and lumbar.

When this headstand is performed in the correct alignment, many muscles, including the heart are involved. People who have suffered from sleep loss, memory or vitality have recovered thanks to the correct and regular practice of this asana. The lungs gain the power to withstand different climates and increase air capacity, which helps to resist colds, coughs, and palpitations. The regular practice of Shirshasana will show an improvement in the hemoglobin content of the blood. Choose yoga and live healthily!

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