How to be a good marketer for your photos: because this is what you need

The life of a professional photographer may not be as glamorous as you may think. At least not as much as many Instagram accounts would lead you to believe. The reality is that there are many hours spent behind the keyboard, with a lot of doubts. Yes, being a professional photographer rocks! Yet, its path requires the knowledge of how to be a good marketer. Yes, if you want to be a photographer, you must realise you also need to be an entrepreneur. Knowledge of business and marketing is vital. Unfortunately, it is also one of those things you cannot outsource without challenges.

Today, we start a series of in-depth posts on how to be a good marketer for your photos… and I invite you to browse them. They are quite a bunch and some of them are quite a lengthy read. Yet, if you can manage to make these ideas yours, you will learn how to become a good marketer! This comes with some perks as well, in particular, I am talking about clients. Paying clients who will allow you to pursue photography as a career.

Is your dream worth the few minutes of attention needed to read these posts?

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Who am I and why am I telling you about how to be a good marketer?

TL;DR – My name is Carlo, I am a London-based portrait and boudoir photographer and the founder of phlow.

I started my journey in photography more than a decade ago. In the beginning, I was a street photographer, before I moved into portraiture. I now specialise in Boudoir. I own the most renown (and long-standing) boutique boudoir studio in London. Despite being able to make it through, I’ve had a long list of failures. I am very proud of them. The biggest one, that haunted me for years, was my marketing strategy. It took me years to get to terms with it, but now that I have made it mine, I see how it can help any photographer.

A few years ago, I also founded phlow. phlow is a photo sharing platform which focuses on two specific unique selling points:

  1. It allows people to focus on what they love to see (and not other people)
  2. It organises the images in each theme by analysing the behaviour of the users.

What does it mean for us photographers? Simple, your photos will get seen by those who are interested in them. No need to be already known. We will prioritise good and relevant content. Isn’t it great having a platform that rewards your quality as a photographer? We already have more than enough that cheer for good social networkers!

PS: it’s free! So, if you can try it and tell me what you think, then you can win some brownie points with me! 

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Are you wondering why I am writing all the content about marketing for photographers? It’s simple. Photographers should be better marketers. The more quality in our market would mean more awareness towards good photography.

Too long; didn’t read!

TL;DR – “TL;DR” means “too long; didn’t read” and I use this to allow you to know what every chapter of my post will touch.

Our attention span is shorter than goldfishes’. At the beginning of each subtitle, I add a short sentence to summarise it. I do it for those of you who want to skim through the content of the post to make sure it contains valuable information. Reading the TL;DR won’t give you all the clarifications you need to get going, but it is a nice way of showing you the way.

Use these parts the way you like. Read only those and make your mind work. Or use them as a candy to make a paragraph sweet. It is your call!


What is phlow and can it help me on how to be a good marketer?

TL;DR – phlow is a photo sharing platform that promotes quality photos, not great networkers.

Doing social media marketing is becoming increasingly difficult. As a photographer, I have seen a drop in my organic reach over and over again. Facebook shows my photos to very few people nowadays. However, at phlow, we want to give great photos the possibility to shine. Not because you pay for it. And not even because you are such a great networker. We do it because we believe in quality content.

I also believe that you should spend more time behind the camera and less behind social media. In phlow, users see photographs not because of a like4like game, but because of their value. I planned it by removing the “who follows whom” scenario that limits what social media can do.

It is another jewel you can use to bring awareness to your offers as a photographer! And do you know the best news? You don’t need to spend countless hours to be discovered!

connect with your ideal clients

What to expect from our marketing for photographers series?

TL;DR – Information you can use to build your marketing.

Let’s cut the story short. If you read the posts I write, then you will have a head-start towards marketing. There are also an ebook, a template, and a video. Yes, you will be able to start building your own marketing strategy, and you will also be able to plan a “funnel”. It will help you move your buyer persona through awareness, consideration, and conversion.

What these series are not designed to do, is your marketing for you. Without your brain and the knowledge of your business, there can be no marketing plan. Pre-packages, or offers like “one solution fits all”, don’t work.

“Give a man a fish, and you will feed fish him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you will feed him forever.”


The world is of “doers”! Be one!

TL;DR – You can skim through these posts. Or you can read them and start building your marketing strategy. The first will be a knowledgeable individual, yet the other will succeed in becoming a professional photographer. And making money from it. The choice is up to you.

In my career, I have taught quite a lot of workshops. In doing so, I have learned to divide my students into two groups: the doers and the listeners. The difference is not subtle at all, as are the results. If at the end of a workshop, or a series of informative posts, you will act on the information you got, you are game. Unfortunately, experience tells me that three photographers out of four won’t do it.

Are you going to be one of those three? Compare that number with the percentage (80%) of small businesses who fails in the first two years. Incredible how the numbers are similar?

Be the one in four, make sure to start your journey on how to be a good marketer for your photography today. All you need, to gain a head-start over your competition is here!


Where can you start your journey?

TL;DR – Here are the posts and ebooks you can use to start learning how to be a good marketer and push your business forward!

I have prepared the marketing content in a simple list, so read through them and let me know how you find them!

  1. Photography marketing: the first 5 steps you need to do to win clients
  2. Buyer persona: meet your future customers for the first time
    Bonus The template to write a memorable buyer persona
  3. More social media likes won’t empower you photography career
  4. Principles of marketing: the problems are not your photos
  5. Social media and marketing: what you need to do it right
  6. The fundamentals guide on how to make a marketing strategy for your photos
    Bonus Marketing Funnels Demystified: what you need to know to do it right

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Creator, photographer, idealist and traveller, in any order you like. Married to the most incredible woman on earth and dad to an amazing boy. The definition of luck!
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