how to represent your business with phlow’s quick visual journals

phlow’s journals are a quick and easy way to represent your business. The journals allow you to add both visual content and text, and there is also a very useful text editor available which allows you to stylize your content and add links.

You can have as many journals as you like, but make sure that each one sticks to a particular topic for easy understanding. A good journal will bring traffic to your business, spread the word about what you do, and help you build an audience that is truly interested in your story and product.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of phlow journals.

Keep Your Customer In Mind When You Write

The phlow journal made for your business is intended for your ideal customer, so you need to keep your readers in mind at all times. Make sure that you plan your posts in a way that will help to solve a problem for the reader, to guide them on how your business can make their lives easier, or to inspire them with your story. Try to provide fresh insights into the industry and share your tips and experience with your reader whenever you can.

Organize Your Content

Don’t just randomly add a new post to your journal. Think about all the ideas that you have for posts. Organize them in a logical order, and think about how these ideas combined can help you tell a good story. Organize your content into topics, plan the days when you will post them, find the perfect photo to match what you are saying, and choose the link where you would like to direct your reader to take action. The better you organize your content the more likely you will be to educate your ideal customer and make them take the action you desire.

Choose Your Posting Frequency

Not everyone agrees on how often you should post updates. Some people like daily posts while others prefer a less intense frequency. Either way, you do need to be consistent with your updates, making sure that you do not allow too much time to pass between your posts. Your journal subscribers will love to hear from you, so choose a schedule for your updates and make sure to keep it consistent.

Choose Your Journaling Style

Your style of writing should reflect your brand and be the face of your company. Give your journal a sense of personality, and don’t make your writing style too formal. You are talking to people after all, and readers love to see a personal touch in the content that they are reading. They are far more likely to engage with your posts if they can tell that there is a real person behind them. More importantly, once you decide on your journaling style, stick to it. Don’t jump from one way of writing to the next because it will leave your readers confused.

Limit Your Word Count

Readers don’t have the same attention span as they once had when reading content. Many visitors will skim the text for the most important information, and skip all the things that don’t capture their attention right away.

To make sure your ideal clients are reading your updates, your journal should be concise and to the point. If you can say something in 300 words, there is no need to write 500 words about it. Make every word count and get to the point as quickly as possible. Use titles and headlines to make your overall journal easier to navigate and don’t use any clickbait phrases, because this is a sure way to lose the trust of your readers.

phlow journals are unique because they use images with minimum text, which means that they are completely tailored to the new generation of users with a short attention span.

Demonstrate Your Values

To strengthen the relationship with your readers, it’s always a good idea to talk about your values openly. It’s a certain way to build a supportive community around your brand. If you believe that your business is ethical and provides honest and beneficial products for customers, then showcase this feature proudly. Use the content in your journal to portray how your business benefits others and how it makes their lives easier and more convenient.

Share the Behind the Scenes

To reinforce your brand’s personality and make your brand more human, the easiest way is to show your readers what’s happening behind the curtain. Talk about your team, how your business idea was born, what drives you to go to work every day, how your product or service has been developed or showcase your workspace and working atmosphere.

Showing the less known side of your business will reinforce an emotional connection with your readers as they get to know you a little better.


phlow journals are the convenient way to connect with the next generation of consumers with short attention span and raise the awareness of your brand in your niche. phlow’s community is diverse which enables you to target exactly the type of consumers you’re looking for. It provides you with the means to build a strong relationship with your readers by sharing a meaningful story behind your brand.

You can check out our guide to phlow for some additional tips on how to create a journal and how to use phlow to its greatest potential.

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