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If you’ve been paying attention to our social media profiles, you would probably have noticed that we often mention our users’ cultures. The phlow team constantly encourages users to share their cultures, who they are, where they come from, and how they see the world. We don’t do this to encourage you to create more random content. We do it because cultural representation brings diversity and global understanding about people who others may know very little about.

When you share any or all aspects of your culture, you achieve two very important things:

  1. You keep your culture and your traditions alive for other people to see even long into the future.
  2. You educate people who are unfamiliar with your culture, thereby bridging the distance between you and reducing the potential for discrimination and stereotypes.

Your individuality stems from your culture and it says much about who you are as a person. But perhaps even more importantly, it helps other people discover what makes you unique and what makes you country unique and beautiful.

“Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first, they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions.”
Paulo Coelho

phlow is the perfect platform for free cultural expression

phlow was developed by creative individuals who felt the need for a platform that would allow for freedom of speech, creativity, and freedom of expression. One of our favourite things is to see people from all over the world express who they are, what their culture means to them, and how it has helped them to understand the world and make it a better place.

However, if you are just starting out on phlow, you may not yet know how to showcase your individuality or what you should write about. This blog post will help you give you ideas on how to create journals, what to put in them, and how to share them with the world to make sure that others are introduced to your culture.

phlow journals are your window to endless possibilities

The first thing that you should acquaint yourself with is the phlow journal. Our journals are the perfect combination of visual and textual editing which allow visual storytellers to express themselves through both medium. You can also add links and format the text of your story to your liking.

phlow journals are microblogs that can have an endless amount of individual posts. And you can also make as many phlow journals as you like. The possibilities are endless with how creative you can be through a phlow journal.

topics that can help to showcase your culture

Now that you know what you will be using to tell your story, let’s look at all the different ways that you can express your heritage and your individuality. Many users either aren’t sure what to say, or they don’t think that other users will find their content appealing.

The truth is, phlowers are a creative bunch! The phlow community is full of individuals who want to learn more about the world and how they can positively contribute to make it a better place.

Here are some topics to help you get started. We recommend that you create a separate phlow journal for each topic so that your subscribers can know exactly what to expect when they sign up for one of your journals.

  1. Mythology and folktales – One of the first things that define a culture are its mythologies and folktales. The stories that are brought over from one generation to another, and which hold important stories about how a nation developed and what its core values are. Many people are unfamiliar with the traditional stories from around the world, so by sharing them with your followers, you will enrich their knowledge about what makes your culture so unique.
  2. Music – Music is one of the many crucial things that brings us all together. We all understand the power of a melody and the emotional effect that it has on us. But each culture has a specific genre and rhythm of music that describes it, so by sharing links to music from your culture you will introduce your followers to the melodies that originated from where you came from.
  3. Dance – It is very likely that your culture has a traditional dance, as well as traditional clothing that goes with it. You can create an entire phlow journal to showcase this part of your culture and bring people closer to the way you move.
  4. Art – Are there any famous artists from your culture? Or perhaps there is a particular style of art that originated from it? Showcase this unique aspect of your culture in the phlow journal.
  5. Core values – The way people behave and treat each other in a culture is crucial for understanding how the entire society of that culture is organized. Create a phlow journal that highlights the most important values that come from your culture.
  6. Customs and traditions – Does your culture perhaps have a unique way of celebrating a holiday? Are there any special days of the year that are perhaps not celebrated somewhere else? Tell us about them!
  7. Religion – For many people, religion is an important part of their life and how they view and interact with the world. But when it comes to religion and culture, the same religion can be interpreted somewhat differently from the perspective of another culture.
  8. Language – Are there any interesting quirks in your mother tongue that are not found in other languages? Share interesting facts about your language with your subscribers. Not only will this bring them closer to your culture, it will also help them in case they might be learning your language.
  9. History – This is one of the most interesting aspects of a culture. Historical accomplishments, important dates, historical figures that have helped to change a country, or perhaps even scientists that come from your culture. Share them all with the phlow community!

There are no limits to how you can express yourself with phlow journals. These are some of the few suggestions on how you can contribute to the phlow community with a unique aspect of someone’s life.

For those who ache for a place where they can be free to speak their minds and unleash their talent and creativity under their terms, phlow will always be there to provide them with a platform where they can tell their stories and share their art.

If you’re looking to share your culture, try phlow.

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