a new way to set trends

no matter what you know, phlow can help you

influencer for quality, not just networking

We are living in the world of networking. Yet, some of us are really good at influencing trends. No matter in which context, if you are one of us, phlow can help you. By helping us defining which images are relevant and which are noise, phlow can help you by showing your magazines to everyone who is interested where you set the trends.

Right now influencers have to build their own followers, build their visual story and hunt for brands to support them. In phlow we want to streamline this. If you are good at influencing the trends, have your magazine ready, and we will make sure to direct business and users to it.

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play the trend-setting game

Being an influencer is as simple as using phlow. Find the themes you love and scroll through the photographs. Upvote or downvote them, add them to your magazines or just interact with them. We will analyse everyone’s behaviour and produce a list of those who helps the general community behind your niche.

It is as simple as enjoying what you love to see!

your magazines are the key to businesses

If you are the trend setter, your magazine is going to be shown to every user who love what you love. If all of them see it, your magazine is going to be valuable to business who would love to use your influence to reach their audience.

The best part is that we will deal with them to fill your magazine with few, relevant ads, you will just reap the advantages!

everything you want to see

phlow is about focusing on what we love to see. I don’t pick my “friends” because they love the same themes I do, and I don’t always find the right people to “follow”. This is why phlow is not a social media. We leave the friendship to others, we want to excel in bringing relevant photographs in front of your eyes! Do you want to see more?

want to show your photos to the world?

Nowadays your photos will be seen by your friends. Maybe that’s all you care about, and we respect that. But what if we told you that if your photos are relevant, they will have an audience? In phlow publishing a photo is for everyone, not just for photographers. Just photograph and share!

do you blog?

How challenging and time consuming is to find contextualised photos for your blog? Ask our co-founder, who spent hours the first time we published our blog (without actually completing that simple step). What if we told you that you can embed a widget of relevant, contextualised images entirely for free? You just need to publish your content and we help with on the imaging side!