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Marketing is such a taboo subject for many photographers. It feels like it detracts from what we should be doing: taking beautiful photographs. A part of me agrees with you. Another part of me sees photographers as entrepreneurs. It means that marketing is part of being a photographer. On the various posts of this blog, I have spoken about marketing for photographers. Today, I am going to talk to you about alternative lead generation strategies: phlow.

Some of you may feel like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Then I start talking about “lead generation strategies” and everything gets harder. What if I told you that phlow can bring more users to know about you? Because a lead generation strategy or “a way of getting more people to know about me” is the same thing. I am using the terminology you will find everywhere else, so, it should not scare you.

So, can I tell you how you can leverage phlow as a new lead generation strategy? Because you can do it without investing much time or any money.

phlow is not another social media platform

Lead generation strategies have nothing to do with your photos

TL;DR – your photos are not your problem. If you want more clients you need to step up your marketing game.

Many photographers think their game is in the photo-taking business. Alas, this is only partially true. As photographers, we are entrepreneurs. We should embrace the business and marketing part of it. Lead generation strategies are at the base of driving the right type of visitors on your site. It is your duty to drive the right people to the right content and transform them into leads.

Everyone knows you can leverage Facebook for lead generation strategies. I am talking about social media marketing as well as advertising. Facebook and Google are doing a great job by delivering the right kind of visitors. They do it because they understand their own users and what they like. phlow can work in a very similar way, by driving qualified traffic to your website. Also, we want to show your photos. We don’t want to hide them if you don’t pay for advertising. This is a huge advantage, especially if you are starting out. Publish photos that resonate with your ideal clients. We will show them because they will make our readers happy.

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If you know who to target, phlow shows your photo to them

TL;DR – You have to know, in details, who you want to sell to.

We built phlow allowing people to focus on what they love. This gives us the possibility of defining what a person’s interests are. You see what you love, not just what your friends like to publish. Knowing this, phlow can help you deliver your message to the right type of readers. Imagine the possibilities of managing a lead generation strategy that focuses on women. In particular only those interested in #wedding, #weddingdress or #weddingshoes. If you are a wedding photographer, we can expose your photos.

Having in mind a clear idea of who your ideal clients are is a key to success. It is the only way of making the most of lead generation strategies. Only by knowing who you are talking to, you are able to write the right messages. If you know how to heal someone’s pain point, you can transform a visitor into something else. A visitor very rarely buys, while you can nurture leads while they consider your offers.

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phlow targets your message to people who are interested in it

What are your ideal clients interested into and why is phlow good to reach them?

TL;DR – Having a specific pool of people to reach is better than shooting randomly into the dark.

When I teach marketing for photographers, I always point out one thing. Having limited bullets makes it easier to kill a prey by focusing on one single target. We learn about how it moves, we track it and follow it. We may shoot at it a few times, but the more we try, the easier it gets. If we shoot every single bullet towards a different animal, we will have to get used to eating salad. The weakness of social media marketing is that you have a herd in front of you, and you shoot in the dark. Sooner or later you will hit, but it is not guaranteed you will eat what you like.

With phlow, we want to offer people a different take on lead generation strategies. We leaned towards the way Google does it. We have created a platform that allows people to express their preferences. You are not exposed to a series of images your friends like to share. You don’t need to know anyone to see images you love, as you follow a theme and not a user. In the same way, users who have shown interest in the theme you specialise in will be able to find your photo. They don’t need to know you to find you.

We have created a platform that shows readers images they care about. You can look it the other way around though. Your images could be the ones those readers want. Your work is not to be a great social media networker, but a great photographer.

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Do you think you could enjoy trying phlow? Would you welcome qualified visitors landing on your images? Would it be interesting to use a platform where you don’t need to waste hours of your time to get traction?

phlow is this and much, more more!

try phlow now

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