Meet phlow at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018

The phlow team is attending TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018 which will be held from 29 – 30 November in Berlin Arena. Hosted by TechCrunch, Disrupt Berlin is the biggest event in Europe for startups, founders and investors in a range of hot tech industries. Connect with us in the Startup Alley on November 30th!

This year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin will be about all the hottest topics for tech and fintech companies. It will bring together experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, robotics, financial technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It gathers the leaders and innovators of the technology and media industries to provide deep insights into the creative disruption happening right now. It will be attended by hundreds of early-stage startups looking to break into the tech scene. The list of attendees and speakers is nothing less than amazing and we are looking forward to hearing industry leaders speak.

phlow team will be represented by our CEO and co-founder, Carlo Nicora, Head of Operations, Felix Rios and Marketing Manager, Jovana Mrkaic. At this year’s Disrupt, we introduce phlow as a platform for visual storytellers: a new medium of communication for the young generation of creatives, enabling them to see and show the world through relevant stories. It’s collaborative, immediate and it will pay its users for their contribution using blockchain technology.

Using photos from the community, or uploading your own, you can start telling stories. You can combine visuals and text to express yourself. Our capabilities extend to branding and marketing, where visual storytelling drive a much deeper engagement and conversions.

phlow is a content-centric platform. You don’t need to follow others to see their content. In phlow what matters is what you care about, the themes you love. In these fields, your creativity will contribute to creating a better community.

The future of phlow lies in the adoption of the blockchain technology to pay each user for their contribution to the community. No matter if you love to publish your images, telling a story through photos or simply browsing content you love: phlow will reward you as a valued contributor!

If you’d like to hear more about phlow, meet us at Disrupt! Our team will be attending both days and we will exhibit in the “Startup Alley” on Friday, November 30th. If you’re planning to attend, connect with us at or +44 782 861 6880 and let’s set up a meeting!

Jovana is a marketer with a university degree in International Marketing and a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing jobs in various industries and business types and a proven track record of over 50 successfully delivered projects related to digital marketing and business growth.
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