Get to know Jovana

17 (semi-serious) questions for our marketing manager

1. phlow is a photo sharing app, but it’s different from social media. Tell us in 3 words what makes it different and unique.

Brings tangible benefit.


2. What is something that phlow users have to deal with that phlow wants to fix?

phlow is focused on changing the common pain points for users of social sharing platforms:

Content consumers have no direct control over the content they will see. Often, they’re exposed to the content (especially advertisements) that they don’t have interest in and didn’t choose to see. Content shared by creators and curators doesn’t get found for its relevance. Instead, content gets found by your friends or people who decide to join the circle of followers. It’s hard to showcase talent and skills, because it all comes down to the networking game.
Becoming an influencer in any niche is a matter of networking skills, with the number of followers and likes as the main criteria for content performance.


3. How would you describe your role in phlow in just one sentence?

I feel like my role serves as a link between our users and various processes within our company, making sure our values and deliverables meet our users’ needs and expectations.


4.  What is your past experience and how is it related to your current role at phlow?

As a marketer, I’ve been working on content placements and growth initiatives throughout different social platforms and online communities.

Over time, I’ve discovered that the biggest “flaw” of mainstream networks is the content overload that makes it difficult to break through all the “noise” and reach out to the specific niche. Having more specialized platforms or online communities that gather users around a similar interest and purpose could be the key to success for users, solution providers, and advertisers. As obvious as it sounds, we still lack specialized social and content sharing platforms, differentiated by types of users, their interests and purposes – rather than content formats.

With that in mind, my role in phlow probably happened naturally. 🙂


5. What are the values that drive you?

Honesty, integrity, compassion, and a passion to create.


6. If you could appoint a superhero to do your job in phlow, which one would it be and why? Which superpowers would be required to do your job?

Can I make one up? The Morphing Marketer. An ultimate multi-tasker who moves the needle by playing many different parts that all contribute to the final result. Superpowers include elbow grease and determination.


7. You are an international, distributed team with members from Venezuela, Italy, UK, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Germany and Portugal. What is it about your own culture that helps to make phlow so special?

I’m not sure if it is culture-specific, but I try to bring direct and open communication and a “simplify and make it happen” attitude to the table.


8. Any funny stories or team arguments? 🙂

There are funny stories all the time! What I like a lot about the team is that everyone reacts with a healthy dose of humor in our everyday situations, making us all laugh.


9. What’s the best thing about being part of phlow?

The company culture that reinforces the relationships inside the team; shows openness towards diversity in thinking, acting and contributing, and demonstrates the positive attitude that’s encouraging for everyone involved.


10. Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books and why?

Tao Te Ching from Lao Tzu, Siddhartha from Herman Hesse, Alchemist from Paulo Coelho – I need to add two more! – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I like them because they’re not a one-time read; I come back to them whenever I feel like I need to keep things in perspective since we all need a reality check sometimes.


11. If you could pick a movie for everyone at phlow to see, which movie would that be and why?

If we go to watch a movie together instead of working, we need some “zone out” material. For that purpose, I’d recommend Sci-Fi and Adventures, probably Avengers or X-Men, so we can grab some popcorn, relax and dive in this amazing, imaginary world of Marvel. 🙂

Or Star Wars, if it’s Felix’s birthday. 😀


12. If you could be photographed in any style of photography of your choice, which one would you choose?

Candid photography, because subjects are usually not aware of the photographer so the entire process is very spontaneous, enabling the photographer to capture the essence of a moment.


13. What object/thing that you don’t have already would you like to have?

A cottage somewhere in the mountains with wonderful views of the mountain lake from the back deck and screened porch for my weekend escape. 🙂


14. If you could meet ANYONE in the world, who would you choose to meet and why?

If I have to choose only one person, I’d say Nikola Tesla. Tesla was someone who believed in clear thinking and visualization of concepts. He would have these flashes of genius, where a new machine would take form in his head with such clarity that he knew the dimensions of the machine to the very inch. Even though he knew the potential of his inventions, he simply wanted all of humanity to enjoy the fruits of his work. He wanted to simplify life for the ordinary man and provide free electricity for all humanity.


15. If you could have a superpower, what would that be and why?

I need more hours in a day, so there you go – the ability to make time flexible. It includes: adding more hours, speed it up and slow it down upon need. Or better yet, no time at all!


16. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

The list is huge and depends on the mood, season and many other things. Generally, I like spending time in nature and whenever I can, I depart from the urban environment to the green space. I like hiking, climbing, swimming in the lake, or just spending time up in the mountains to breathe some fresh air and clear my mind. And, of course, to take some photographs! 🙂


17. Where do you see phlow in the next 10 years?

phlow is an app for a new generation of self-aware, highly driven creators who are willing to be part of the change. They question everything and settle for nothing. It’s a rebellion against the way things are, which is in the essence of the phlow vision. I believe that our users will take phlow higher than we can imagine now.