guide to phlow

how to become a trend setter

phlow is based on a behavioural engine that is able to identify the users who help create a better community around photographs. These users are called trendsetters and their voices are stronger while shaping the images we all see. Trendsetters are tag-specific, so if you are in love with #blackandwhite, you won’t have to compete with someone who is in love with #yoga photographs.

But how do you become a trendsetter? Use phlow and enjoy! Our behavioural engine analyses how you interact with every photo. The photos you upvote, those you hide, the time you spend on each image. Everything you do helps us identify which images are worth more than others. And the more you visit the tags you love, the more you can have your say.

A trendsetter is someone who sets the trend. The image you discover, you love or you collect in your journals. If they will be appreciated by the other members of the same “tag-community” you will become one.

PS: to become a trendsetter you don’t need to publish your own photos. Of course, if you do and publish amazing photos, you may become one of the most relevant photographers.

In any case, a trendsetter or a relevant photographer will receive more visibility towards the communities they are part of!