guide to phlow

how to find photos you like

It’s never been easier to find photos you like and maximize your browsing experience!

Simply go to the search tab and type a keyword related to the topic that you’re interested in. Once you typed a keyword, click on “tags” to see all the photos related to your keyword grouped by different tags in phlow.

You can also click on “journals” section in search tab and all the journals related to your keyword will pop up. You can explore the journals created by phlow users related to the topic that interest you.

Based on your browsing history, our behavioural engine will put together all the photos recommended for you in the you may like section. This way, you can simply enter “you may like” and find easily all the content tailored to your interests and preferences.

To instruct our behavioral engine on which photos you want to see and which ones not, you should use the upvote/downvote feature while browsing through various tags on phlow. By upvoting a photo, you “inform” our algorithm that you want to see more of similar photos, while by downvoting a photo, you inform us that you don’t want to see that photo anymore.

Photos you like and that you want to keep in your generic bucket for easy access later, you can add to your favourites.