guide to phlow

how to make your photos relevant

To increase relevance of your photos to a particular niche as well as their visibility across phlow, you should follow the guidelines below:

  • Choose a niche that is relevant to your photography or that you like;
  • Ensure you share photos that are related to your niche;
  • Add up to 8 tags related to your photo that your target customers might search for;
  • You should make sure that you used the appropriate tags that are relevant to your photos. Our behavioural engine automatically calculates your relevance score in themes related to your tags.
  • Monitor the performance of your photos on a regular basis to learn which tags make your overall relevance score go higher.

If you didn’t optimize your photo when you published it, you can enter these details later on. Just click three horizontal lines in the top right corner, click “edit photo”, insert the details, click “update photo” – and voila!