guide to phlow

how to publish a photo

To share your art with the phlow community and start your steady influence growth, we encourage you to upload photos to phlow on a regular basis.

To start uploading, simply access phlow and click on the “plus” (+) sign on the bottom of your screen. Choose a photo from your phone or computer library or take a photo with your phone or webcam. The photo will start uploading automatically.

Once your photo has been uploaded, you will have the option to enter photo details in settings and make it more visible and relevant to your particular niche.

Tips for using tags for your photo:

  • You can’t use more than 8 tags per photo. That way, we ensure your photo becomes relevant to the specific niche – compared to various, different niches.
  • This is not Instagram, so tags which don’t represent your photographs will only diminish its relevance. You want to be only someone’s whiskey, as you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea!
  • Keep them simple: only one-word tags work, you can’t add spaces or punctuation.
  • When you type the tag in your photo, suggested tags will pop up. You can click on one of the suggested tags to add it to your photo.
  • Compose the photo description with unlimited number of characters (and unlimited creativity!):
  • Choose the option to geo locate the image – this will improve the visibility of your photo if you’re targeting specific countries with your photography;
  • If your photo contains nudity or violence, you should tick these boxes to enable our behavioural engine show those photos only to the users who opted in to see this type of content.