guide to phlow

how to report a photo

If you encounter the inappropriate content on phlow that you don’t want to see, we encourage you to report it.

You have the option to report the content for containing nudity and violence, a photo which is a subject to a copyright violation but also if for any other reason you feel that content on the photo involves any ‘risks’, ‘harms’, and experiences of victimhood in relation to abusive¬†practices.

To report a photo for any reason, just click on a photo, click on three horizontal lines in the top right corner and click on “report”. Choose the reporting option: “it contains violence”, “it contains nudity” or “other, tell us”. If you choose “other” option, please be as specific as possible about the reasons for reporting.

We will assess the reported photo in details, and we will ensure to restrict it or remove it from phlow if it may cause you any emotional or psychological discomfort.