guide to phlow

how to see your notifications

Your notifications are listed in the “notifications” tab, on the bottom right side next to your profile tab.

You will receive notifications for the actions listed below:

  • photographs: You will be notified if another user favorites your photo, comments to it or adds it to their journal.
  • journals: You will be notified if another user subscribes to your journal. You will also receive notifications from phlow related to your journal activity. With the aim to keep our users active and influential in their communities, we will encourage you to update your most popular journals.
  • subscriptions: You will be notified if a journal you subscribed to has a new issue. Also, with the aim to increase your relevance in your niche and grow your visibility and influence, we will occasionally notify you if we notice that your relevance score and influence potential is very high or very low in a particular niche.