phlow journals – a new tool for visual storytellers

The phlow platform has been live and kicking for over a year, and we’ve been cooking our renewed storytelling platform for a couple of months now, turning it into the advanced tool for visual storytelling in the modern age.

phlow journals are the advanced tool for visual storytelling. Journals are a new medium of communication for the young generation of creatives, enabling them to see and show the world through relevant stories. Using photos from the community, or uploading your own, you can start telling stories. You can combine visuals and text to express yourself. You can add links to direct your journal readers to your website or blog, and you can easily share them on virtually any platform you want.

phlow is a content media led by principles of democracy. We nurture a culture of freedom of expression and responsibility. phlow is your tool to find the stories you care about or to publish your own and share it with the community. A content-centric platform that eliminates the follow4follow and like4like paradigm. A creative hub to collaborate with other storytellers and make the community (thus, the world) a better place.

You don’t need to follow others to see their content. In phlow what matters is what you care about, and the themes you love. In these fields, your creativity will contribute to creating a better community. No matter if you love to publish your images, tell a story through photos or simply browse content you love: phlow will reward you as a valued contributor!

Our capabilities extend to branding and marketing, where visual storytelling drives a much deeper engagement and conversions. Visual stories that are authentic, compelling, and that convey your message in a humanised way have the potential to expand relationships between your brand and your customers in a much more meaningful way.

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