show your photos with to those who care

if social media marketing is challenging to be found, maybe it is time to change something…

no followers?

Let’s be honest: the idea of not having followers is chilling. We are all used to count how cool we are counting how many people “follow” us. But is that the best way of understanding how our images performs? Is that the best way of finding new clients we can photograph? The number of followers are not necessarily a reflection on your ability to promote your photography.

pick your tags carefully

phlow is different because it matches your photography style with what people want to see. As a portrait photographer, I am not interested for my friends to see my images: they are architects. However, I want the people that don’t know me yet to see what I do. It is not about showing my work to those that know me already, it is about showing my photos to the people that actually appreciate them.

Pick your tags with care, and use those you believe your ideal clients are more likely to look for. After all in phlow you don’t follow people, you follow the themes you want to see!

there is more to analytics than likes

Nowadays we consider a photo successful when it has a gazzillions of likes. We feel proud of it. Our point is that two likes do not carry the same importance. What if one like was made by your friend, while the other was made by the person who needs a portrait photographer for her next session?

phlow offers a comprehensive analysis on your photographs. You can dig into the demographic of people who see your photos and understand how they are received in every single theme. Maybe you publish your images in #portraits, but when you add the tag #headshot everyone goes crazy for them.

publish from your natural workflow

When I wear the dress of “professional photographer” I have a precise workflow. From importing to colour correction to exporting, everything I do is in Lightroom. That’s my weapon of choice as Digital Asset Manager for my photos. Wouldn’t it be absolutely delightful to be able to publish your photos in phlow directly from Lightroom. Well, just download our plugin, and we will reuse your keywords and caption to show your photos to the world.

It is not about wasting time, it is about making new platforms integrate with what you already do!

everything you want to see

phlow is about focusing on what we love to see. I don’t pick my “friends” because they love the same themes I do, and I don’t always find the right people to “follow”. This is why phlow is not a social media. We leave the friendship to others, we want to excel in bringing relevant photographs in front of your eyes! Do you want to see more?

do you have a knack for influencing trends?

Are you one of those who people call an “influencer“. Do people follow you because you can spot a trend before it becomes one? Well, in that case we have something you may like. You can influence a theme, and we want to reward those who do. Interested?

do you blog?

How challenging and time consuming is to find contextualised photos for your blog? Ask our co-founder, who spent hours the first time we published our blog (without actually completing that simple step). What if we told you that you can embed a widget of relevant, contextualised images entirely for free? You just need to publish your content and we help with on the imaging side!