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What do marketing resources have to do with us? We are photographers. We tell stories with our photographs. We want to make people laugh, cry or linger on memories they will treasure forever. Our gear sometimes takes too much of our earnings, but we love a new toy every now and again. We are artists. We are photographers. Do we need marketing resources?


Some interesting numbers on why these free marketing resources should not be overlooked

Yes, there is a very small minority of us who understands we are not only photo takers. That small minority, I would say a 20%, understands we are entrepreneurs. In the beginning of our careers, we have all been “solopreneurs“, juggling many things at the same time. We are business owners, marketers and copywriters. We are social media geniuses, tech support geeks, editors and photo takers. This is the reality of being a professional photographer. Having at our disposal marketing resources is vital to us.

There is also another shocking number: 80% of new businesses fail in the first 18-24 months. It is not a coincidence that this number is very close to those of us who feel they are “only artists”. They don’t feel the need of learning. For them, marketing resources are complex and boring things.


phlow to the rescue

Marketing is usually the biggest challenge for photographers. We tend to underestimate its importance. The idea that our photos will sell themselves triumphs over the naked truth. It does not matter how good your photos are. In today’s world networking matter more than the quality of the photos. I am here today to give you two good news:
1. we have developed phlow. It’s a photo sharing platform that revolutionises how people find photographs.
2. you can find one of the best set of marketing resources for photographers in this page

We hope you will read these marketing resources. Also, be sure to act on the valuable information you will find here. The world is of the “doers“. having your head full of incredible knowledge won’t write your marketing campaign. Being the smartest chap in the room won’t create blog posts that convert visitors into leads. Rolling your sleeves up and get to work will.


Photography marketing: the first 5 steps you need to do to win clients

Let’s start with a simple introduction to marketing for photographers. Five steps to start understanding how marketing works.


How to be a good marketer for your photos: because this is what you need

My personal story of “I should have“. Everything that would have given me the hedge in the market if only I had done these things much earlier than I have. A bit of my story as boudoir photographer through mistakes you can avoid


Buyer persona: meet your future customers for the first time

Meet the most important person in the world for your business: your buyer persona. This is the definition of your ideal clients. The customers you would love in your studio day in and day out. This is the cornerstone of marketing.


Social media and marketing: what you need to do it right

Many of us are doing social media wrong. We follow other photographers and we talk gibberish. If only we spent more time helping our ideal clients… on social media, we should broadcast messages to help them. That will make us richer!


Lead generation strategies and why phlow is the new kid on the block

Why phlow is the new kid on the block when it comes to marketing. Lead generation is always a challenge, but we want to help. We want to make it simper for photographers and image lovers to find each other.


More social media likes won’t empower you photography career

Despite the incredible level of dopamine, a thousand likes won’t give you any clients. A short overview of how social media risk to be a time-wasting effort more than a lead generation tactic.


The template to write a memorable buyer persona

I have created a simple template to describe your buyer persona. Building it through simple blocks is now a stress-free experience. You can also find a handy example I wrote for you. I used a fictional newborn photographer describing her buyer persona.
You can download it for free


The fundamentals guide on how to make a marketing strategy for your photos

The juicy piece of content, free to download. Building blocks of inbound marketing explained in simple terms. I brought together the idea of buyer personas, content and call to actions. All to show you how to put marketing together.


Marketing Funnels Demystified: what you need to know to do it right

Watch me demystifying the “marketing funnels”. An insightful video to lead you through the simple realities of what is a funnel and how to create one. Free to watch


I hope you will find these resources valuable for your photography business. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, there is a tiny favour I’d like to ask. phlow is a platform which stands for good photography. It is based on the idea that what we love to see is more important than what our “friends” like to publish. It is not about knowing someone. Users find incredible photograph because they share a passion. This is when great art meets great marketing possibilities.

Why don’t you join phlow and try it?

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