everything you want to see

in phlow you see what you love, not what your “friends” like to publish

why phlow?

When we think about photographs, nowadays we think of social media. We fire up Facebook or Instagram, but are they the best place to find what we love? Do we really find the images we love in there?

Asking our “friends” to show you good photographs is like asking each of them to put a few pages in a magazine you will read. It is like going out for a dinner and letting them pick what you are going to eat.

When we started imagining phlow, we wanted an app where we could have spent few minutes of our lives browsing things we love! What about beautiful images of #yoga? Do you follow enough yoga photographers for your timeline to be filled with the images you seek? And what if you just want to focus on #headstand?

find themes you care about

Finding themes you care about is simple and immediate. You can either search for it, or stumble on it while you are browsing another theme.

Searching is as simple as looking for a hashtag. Click on the search icon on the navigation bar and type what you are looking for. Being a young startup, phlow is not yet full of themes, what about starting one by uploading a new photo? However, if you are already phlowing a theme, you might notice some suggestions in the lower part of the app. Click on a new hashtag, or add it to the current one by tapping on the green + sign and you will find something new!

see relevant photos

phlow is a behavioural based platform. Big word, I know. Simply put, we listen to what people think about the photos they see. Every action you do, time you spend on a photo, comment you leave, they all help us understanding what is relevant and what is noise. A colour image in the #blackandwhite stream won’t last long.

The idea is to show you compelling photographs, not images shoot by someone famous. For those social media are much better than us. We stand for quality content!

curate your own magazine

Do you have a knack for putting together different photographs beautifully? We believe that’s an amazing trait, and we want to help you. You don’t need to download someone else’s images and re-upload them in your profile. In phlow you just need to find beautiful images and curate them together by adding to one of your magazines.

share a moment with those who care

Life is more than what we have, it is about the moment we live. And when we live moments together, phlow wants to help you remember them with those you love. Upload your photos and add them to a “Moment“. It can be a party, your vacations or the last concert. Everyone can collaborate in making that moment unique through its images. And like for our themes, the moments will show the most relevant images first!

want to show your photos to the world?

Nowadays your photos will be seen by your friends. Maybe that’s all you care about, and we respect that. But what if we told you that if your photos are relevant, they will have an audience? In phlow publishing a photo is for everyone, not just for photographers. Just photograph and share!

do you have a knack for influencing trends?

Are you one of those who people call an “influencer“. Do people follow you because you can spot a trend before it becomes one? Well, in that case we have something you may like. You can influence a theme, and we want to reward those who do. Interested?

do you blog?

How challenging and time consuming is to find contextualised photos for your blog? Ask our co-founder, who spent hours the first time we published our blog (without actually completing that simple step). What if we told you that you can embed a widget of relevant, contextualised images entirely for free? You just need to publish your content and we help with on the imaging side!