Speak louder with these fresh new content trends

Trying to make yourself heard online can be scary. Having fresh, modern content will help. Check out our guide to new content trends in 2019.

The web has given everyone a platform and a voice. Even people who don’t see themselves as ‘creative’ regularly share stories online. Through photos, comments and reshares on social media, we’re always letting the world know our views. 

But what if you could improve your storytelling abilities and become a true online expert on your favourite topic? Someone that people looked out for online, and respected? It’s not as hard as you think. Our new content trends guide has got your back.

Everyone has the ability be an expert

Everyone is an expert on something. Perhaps you’re a massive football fan, or you love to geek out about vegan baking.

It really doesn’t matter what interests you. If you’re obsessed about your hobby, the likelihood is you have enough knowledge to offer expert opinion which others would value.

Additionally, the more obscure and niche your fan crush and perspective, the easier it is to carve out your ‘expert space’.

For example, you might find it hard to be an online expert on football as a whole. But the mindset of goalkeepers? That’s a much smaller niche to focus on. It’s unlikely that lots of other people will be covering it, which will make it easier for you to promote your content.

Take a look at this journal by Josh Foster, which explains the Hidden messaging behind the popular TV series Game of Thrones. This is a niche area to focus on based entirely on Josh’s experience and knowledge as a fan.

Why phlow is a safe place to develop your online voice

Perhaps you’re intrigued by these ideas, but nervous about changing your online approach. After all, it’s easy for people to judge. In this situation, phlow is the perfect place for you to perfect your ‘online voice’.

phlow is not like conventional social media because it’s not social media – it’s a content sharing platform. You won’t find your usual friends and family on here. Only people from across the world with similar interests to you.

This makes phlow a really safe place for you to start creating killer content. Content that will turn heads and help you to commentate with authority on what you love.

New content trends to help you shine

To really stand out, it’s important to sharpen up your content production technique. After all, no one will take your viewpoint seriously if your images and words are poorly executed and amateurish.

Here are some new content trends for you to try today:

Use your own unique words and perspective

User generated content really is king. This is because we live in a world where we’re bombarded with advertisements. According to this article by Forbes, only 1% of millennials take notice of advertising. In conclusion, people have learned the art of avoiding them.

The antidote to this is to be as genuine and authentic as possible about telling things from your perspective. People want to see belief systems that are similar to their own, or which they can aspire to.

Take a look at the journals of Cody Mcguire, who writes about his experiences growing up with bees on his uncle’s farm. Cody reflects on the topic of What the bees have taught him about humanity. The journal is a perfect mix of Cody’s own feelings and opinions, combined with some facts to back his perspective up.

So think about what it is you want to say, based on your own belief system, experience and interests. Relay your opinions through concise points which are easy to understand. Finally make sure you back these points up with evidence to strengthen your position – just like Cody has done.

Make it short and visual

The average person now has an attention span which is less than a goldfish – 8 seconds to be precise. Quite a shocking statistic, isn’t it?

Our attention span is reducing all of the time due to the amount of ‘digital noise’ that surrounds us everyday. We’re bombarded with messaging all the time and we’re finding it harder and harder to focus as a result. All of this means it’s crucial that we create content that is short, visual, concise and persuasive.

phlow’s journals are the perfect format for creating short, visual and persuasive content. They’re easy to create, plus the way that words and photos are uploaded together ensures that each user naturally gets the balance of text to photo right. If you want advice on how to create a journal, read this blog post How to use phlow journals to tell your story.

It’s worth thinking through the points you want to make before uploading. Order your points so that you make one point per photograph uploaded. Remember to make the last sentence of each photograph text the concluding point. If you want an example, take a look at this journal by Lisa Fernandez on How her life has changed since going vegan.

By taking this approach, Lisa has ‘pre-digested’ the content for easy comprehension and speedy reading. This means her reader is more likely to read to the end.

Make your images the best they can be

We live in a visual society and an image paints a thousand words. The fact is, you’re more likely to leave a lasting impression on readers if you use powerful photographs, illustrations or graphics in your content. Ideally these should be images that evoke a mood, or bring about an emotional reaction in the reader.

You don’t need to have a DSLR to take great photos. Most modern phones have fantastic capabilities which will enable you to take excellent, high quality shots. If you feel as though your composition and creative execution could be improved, there are lots of free and cheap online courses available (try YouTube as a starting point). These can show you how to improve your photography skills quickly and easily.

Still don’t think your photos will be good enough? Don’t worry. The beauty of phlow is that you can actually upload other people’s photos to your own journals. So if you can’t make your photos better, then simply reshare someone else’s instead.

In addition to photos, consider using illustrations, graphic images, infographics or data-visualisation images. If you’re not a designer or illustrator, these can be sourced from free online stock agencies such as Unsplash for little to no cost.

Use tied narratives and serials

Think about how your story could be broken up into multiple different narratives or serials. If you have a genuinely interesting story, people almost always want to hear the instalment. Consider when you watch Netflix. It’s hard to tear yourself away from the next episode sometimes, isn’t it?

The same applies to a great online content. So if you write a journal in phlow, consider how that content could link to ‘splinter’ journals – other articles which link off the main one. Give your reader somewhere to go to next. This will mean they stop seeing you as a ‘one off wonder’, and start investing in you emotionally, instead.

Check out the profile of phlow user Mike Thompson if you want inspiration. Mike has created multiple linked journals, all based around his fan obsession with Marvel Comics.

What new content trends will you try today?

When you’re at the beginning of your digital ‘creator’ journey, it can be daunting to read an article like this. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know where to start.

But remember, everyone has to start somewhere. Pick one area to focus on. When you have improved your content in that area, moved on to the next.

The first step is to register for phlow and get your account up and running today. If you need some advice on how to set up your account, check out our Guide to phlow.

Read phlow’s blog for more tips on how to improve your online presence.

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