transparency first – introducing a guide to phlow

From August 2018, we have introduced a guide to phlow on our website to help our users learn how to use phlow to achieve their goals in a completely transparent way. This guide provides definitions of the common terminology used in phlow, as well as How-to tutorials that walks them through the processes of publishing, curating, browsing and growing their influence in phlow.

phlow has grown quickly in the past few months, with a steady growth of 10% new users weekly. As a relatively young photo-sharing platform that grows at the speed of light, we are developing equally fast, introducing new features on a monthly basis. With that in mind, we have realised the need to educate our users on how to use phlow in order to be able to achieve their goals with our platform.

A guide to phlow is divided by the Terms and How-to Guides. The Terms part provides elaboration of the most common terminology and features, enabling our users to become more familiar with the phlow environment. The How-to Guides provide tutorials on every single process in phlow – from How to Register to How to Become a Trendsetter. After reading these tutorials, users will understand exactly how our platform works and what it takes to become influential with their content on phlow.

One of the highest ranked values in phlow is the transparency, and we are sharing openly with our users everything – from new features to how our behavioral algorithm works. By doing so, we are helping our users to make the most out of phlow and get a real benefit from being part of our community.

Our users are able to use phlow to increase their visibility and reach to their target audience, knowing exactly how their photos perform in every niche they compete in. Our algorithm and features are not and will never be under the veil of mystery, leaving our users uninformed on how to make their content stand-out.

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