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Chase Guttman is an award-winning travel photographer, drone expert, author, writer, lecturer and social media influencer. He’s the three-time recipient and first American to win Young Travel Photographer of the Year, a prestigious international competition judged by museum curators and magazine editors; was named a World’s Top Travel Photographer by Condé Nast Traveler and a Rising Star by Instagram; and won the 2017 Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Storytelling and Exploration—a lifetime achievement level honor. His recent book, The Handbook of Drone Photography, was one of the first written on the topic and received critical acclaim from publications such as Travel + Leisure, The Telegraph and Business Insider, among others. He has taught and lectured everywhere from The School of the New York Times to the International Museum of Photography and Film and the National Arts Club.

Read more about his journey to becoming a travel photographer and traveling the world.

Interviewer: What was it about travel photography that inspired you to make it your profession?

Chase: I want to cultivate as many meaningful experiences as I can into the finite lifetime that I’ve been given. Travel enables me to do that and photography empowers me to tell and share significant stories along that lifelong journey.

Interviewer: What two characteristics does person need to become a good travel photographer?

Chase: You need to be flexible and nimble whether its to overcome obstacles or to capitalize on surprising moments of serendipity. You also need to be passionate — photography is my motivation, it’s what gets me up and going at ungodly hours and holds my attention until the moon shines. Photography is its own addictive lifestyle and it changes those who seriously embrace its art.

Interviewer: You wrote a book that aims to help people improve their skills in drone travel photography. Why do you think it has become so popular with your audience?

Chase: The Handbook of Drone Photography was one of the first-ever books written on the topic, receiving critical acclaim from publications such as Travel + Leisure, The Telegraph, and Business Insider, among others. I think that drones have democratized perspective, taking exclusive ownership over that unique slice of airspace sandwiched between the reach of the longest selfie stick and the lowest hovering helicopter. In that way, they’re an artist’s dream medium. The book helps people take flight and explore this burgeoning technological force for themselves.

Interviewer: Which marketing techniques do you use to promote your work when looking for clients?

Chase: Social media has been an incredible marketing tool for my business allowing me to connect, through my work, with individuals all over the world. I am thankful that Instagram named a Rising Star on its platform and B&H called me a Travel Photographer to Follow.

Interviewer: What 3 tips would you give to someone who is just starting out in travel photography?

Chase: Endeavor to craft a story with every photograph you take, create a visual experience through careful composition, chase down spectacular lighting, have intention towards each of your artistic choices and strive to capture a fleeting moment.

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