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Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife storytelling team behind Uncornered Market. From the United States, based in Berlin, world-bound. Through their stories, advisory, and speaking they are creating a movement of travelers who live at the intersection of adventure, deep travel and life experiences, and caring for our planet and its people. More than 90 countries later, they are still going…and still married.

Interviewer: You guys left your jobs twice to travel the world! What was it that made you do this?

Daniel and Audrey: The simple answer: curiosity. We were curious about the rest of the world and its people. Additionally, we wanted to challenge ourselves professionally in different ways and add more creativity to our work. Although it was scary to leave what was familiar and the security of our jobs, we knew that it would be a bigger risk in the end not to try. Here’s more on that decision and how we made it work as a couple.

Interviewer: Many new travel photographers would love to have a successful business like yours. Could you give us a few tips on how you’ve made Uncornered Market so successful?

Daniel and Audrey: We’ve always tried to focus on quality over quantity. In addition, we took writing and photography courses and spent time developing our writing voice and photography approach. From the beginning we were always interested in and traveled to places that were more unusual or sometimes even considered “dangerous” (e.g., Central Asia, Haiti, Ethiopia, etc). This allowed us to develop a portfolio and brand that was unique and stood out.

In addition, we also diversified our business so we didn’t just focus on writing and photography, but we also expanded into speaking and consulting. This not only allowed us to add additional income streams, but it also allowed us to continue learning and growing professionally in new ways.

Interviewer: What has been the response to your TEDTalk – “What is your What if?” Why do you think it has inspired so many people?

Daniel and Audrey: We had quite a good response to our TEDx talk when it first happened and in the years since they. We still get message from people who say that they watched it and it encouraged them to actually take that leap they had been thinking about and wanting, but had put off because of excuses or fear. I think the reason the talk resonated with and inspired so many people is that we’re just two ordinary people — like everyone else — and if we could do what we did and have the courage, then so could they. The talk helped empower people to take those risks and to think about wanting to avoid regret later on in life if they didn’t make the decision.

Interviewer: Is there a place on Earth that you haven’t explored yet but would love to?

Daniel and Audrey: It’s a big world, so there are certainly still places we’d like to explore! Papua New Guinea is high on that list, as is Brazil, Taiwan and Guyana.

Interviewer: How has travel photography enriched your lives?

Daniel and Audrey: Travel photography is an incredible storytelling medium and so our images have allowed us to tell stories more richly and completely. In addition, I think that our travel photography has allowed us to reach some people who otherwise would not have been interested only by text or word. In addition, our portrait photography has allowed us to engage and connect with people all over the world in unique and deep ways.

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