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Kristin Addis is an award-winning expert on solo female travel from Southern California who has been adventuring around the globe nonstop since September 2012.

She hitchhiked solo across China, climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world, done some of the deepest SCUBA dives, did a 35-day safari in Africa, spent two months hiking in Patagonia, and even became a Buddhist nun for 10 days.

She came to realize over time that talking to locals, ditching guides and group tours, and always taking local transportation immersed her in the local culture and showed her the real parts of the countries she was visiting – things that tourists almost never get to see or understand.

Read more about her journey to becoming travel photographer and a solo female traveler.

Interviewer: You are certainly a very adventurous person, and you have been to so many amazing and inspiring places already! How did you start your journey as a travel photographer?

Kristin: I bought a DSLR about 8 years ago after seeing some photos that a friend of mine took and loving how crisp and sharp they were compared to my point and shoot. Back then it was just a hobby and I had a day job as an investment banker. I quit after four years, wanting more freedom. I started off as a travel blogger, for which photography plays a big role in, and have been doing it for the last 6 years!

Interviewer: So many of us would love to be in your position! How would someone who is still only dreaming about becoming a travel photographer actually achieve this dream?

Kristin: Learn how to use a camera, then develop a unique style. I think that authenticity and uniqueness will always have value even in a saturated market. I built a course that emphasizes this as well as marketing and using techniques like long exposure and shooting the night sky. It just came out! It’s called the Photo Muse Masterclass and it has everything I’ve learned about photography included.

Interviewer: You are a solo female traveler! That’s quite a scary concept for many women, even those who love traveling. Can you please share some of the important tips for women who want to become solo travel photographers?

Kristin: The world isn’t as scary as it seems. My best tips are to bring a tripod and learn how to take your own photos. Then you’re the master of how the art comes out!

Interviewer: Your latest book Conquering Mountains: How to Solo travel the World Fearlessly is a gem for women travelers. Could you tell us more about your book and what was your inspiration to write about this topic?

Kristin: It’s the resource I wish existed when I first thought about traveling solo. It’s all about saving time, money, and your sanity! It’s meant to help make planning and executing a solo trip a breeze and it includes advise from dozens of solo female travelers.

Interviewer: What is your favorite travel destination so far and why?

Kristin: So hard to say! I loved Tonga where I just free-dived with humpback whales. I’m not sure if I can ever top that!

Interviewer: What are your top three pieces of career advice for beginners in travel photography?

Kristin: Be original, be willing to work past the lean early years, do it first and foremost because you love it.

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