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Laurence and Jessica are travellers, photographers and writers slowly exploring the world, and currently based in Edinburgh, UK. Laurence started his journey in June 2009 after quitting his corporate IT career and looking for a change of scenery.

Laurence’s first adventure after leaving his corporate career was a road trip around Australia in 2009. This trip was a year long 60,000km adventure around Australia. Laurence then spent a summer living in Germany, followed by a year travelling across New Zealand by camper-van, largely hunting Lord of the Rings filming locations. He also spent summers helping run a small adults only campsite in France.

After meeting Jessica in 2014 in Italy, they’ve spent time travelling in Europe, North America & Asia.

Read more about their journey as travel photographers.

Interviewer: Why did you choose travel photography as your focus?

Laurence and Jessica: Photography has been a passion of mine since 1993, when my parents gifted me a film SLR camera as a birthday present. They also gave me a love of travel, so combining two of my favourite things into one career seemed like the logical way to go!

Interviewer: What has been your favourite destination so far and why?

Laurence and Jessica: I find it really hard to pick a favourite as the world is such an amazing place. That said, I did very much enjoy my time in New Zealand, which is a truly wonderful place for landscape photography. That said, I also love Iceland, Scotland and the USA – I have a lot of favourites!

Interviewer: How do you feel that travel photography enriches our world?

Laurence and Jessica: I think that our world is so full of beauty, and sometimes, when we are caught up in the daily minutiae of our lives, we can forget that. So whilst I’m not kidding myself that I’m saving the world, I do like to think that sharing some of the beauty can bring a bit of happiness to someone’s day!

Interviewer: What does it take to be successful in travel photography in this day and age when there are a lot of photographers online trying to solicit their business?

Laurence and Jessica: Travel photography is definitely a tough business to be in. It’s key to develop your own style and “voice” in a way, so you can stand out from the crowd. Being flexible, professional and willing to put the time in is also key. I’d also say that having a diverse set of income streams can help, and being adaptable to an ever changing market!

Interviewer: What was your inspiration for your photography course development and why do you think it’s taken off like it has? What were the ingredients to making it a success and fulfilling a need in the marketplace?

Laurence and Jessica: My travel photography course was something I’d wanted to write for a long time. My inspiration was really all the people who contacted me asking for photography advice and information. Whilst I have a lot of photography tips on my blog, I really wanted to be able to share one single resource that covered literally everything I know about photography.

The course contains everything from how a camera works through to composition, editing, and even how to price and sell your work. I wanted something super-comprehensive that would teach people everything they needed to know to take better pictures, whether they were shooting with an expensive DSLR, or a smartphone, or even a point and shoot camera.

I think it’s popular because it’s amazing value, you get one-on-one feedback from me, and it’s all in one. Once you’ve bought it, you don’t need another course – there’s no upselling. It’s everything!

Interviewer: What are your top three pieces of career advice?

Laurence and Jessica: First, don’t worry about what other people are doing. Whilst keeping track of other people in your field is certainly useful, and you can get ideas about how to improve your own business, you are only in competition with yourself. So focus on beating your own targets. That would be number one.

Number two, always strive to improve. There is always something to learn, and there are so many great resources available these days. I will never know everything about photography, and I’m thrilled to always have something new to learn!

Finally, be humble. I think this is really important – however great the work might be, it’s important just to be who you are, and remember that we are all human. So try to stay down to earth, and take each day as it comes.

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