Unlock Dubai Blockchain Forum – What We Learned

The phlow team attended last week the Unlock Blockchain Dubai 2019. The event took place from 15-16 January 2019. It’s one of the most popular blockchain events in the Middle East, and maybe, one of the most insightful that we have ever attended!

It was one of the rare events where everything was well organized, people were enthusiastic and willing to listen to each other. The keynote speeches were very informative, as opposed to being just a sales pitch disguised as a keynote presentation, trying to sell you the speaker’s company. This is what most events feel like these days, but Unlock Blockchain Dubai was completely different! I wish more conferences would do this.

What was truly unique and inspiring about this event was the collaborative feeling of the conference. The speakers and panelists shared their knowledge in a way that invited everyone else to join in and contribute to the discussion. Food for thought! It is very rare that people are so generous with everything that they know in a competitive market such as blockchain.

The phlow team met some amazing people along the way and developed wonderful connections. We were so delighted to see so many true blockchain enthusiasts in one place, and we wish them all great success in their endeavours!

We’re looking forward to our next conference adventure! In the meantime, if you wish to contact the phlow team, please feel free to email us at hi@phlow.com.

Felix is a portrait photographer, an amateur sourdough breadmaker, and head of operations at phlow.
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