Why and how I founded phlow, by Carlo Nicora, CEO

Chasing likes and followers on social media sucks!

Trying paying your rent in followers and likes instead of dollars next month and see how far you get.

You can probably feel my frustration. As a professional photographer, I spent countless hours banging my head against the wall trying to build a “following”.

Even though my Flickr account broke over one million visitors, none of it helped. And the worst thing, it took my focus away from what I love the most, creating.

How great does it feel to be in the zone – In the flow of creativity?

The world slips away when we are lost in our passion. Whatever it is that lights you up.

What is that passion for you?

What would you travel hundreds of miles to do, see, or experience?

Wouldn’t it be better if social media focused on that first? Connecting you with others through your passion?

I decided something had to change.

As a developer, I started exploring ways to create a platform that put the thing you care about most at the centre of everything.

I decided to stick two fingers up to the enormous corporations dictating how we experience the world and content through technology.

I decided to create a platform for weirdos just like me, who care more about the content and their craft than cat videos.

A community media platform.

A platform of the weirdos, for the weirdos and by the weirdos.

One that doesn’t care what people think.

One that rewards its users and redistributes its wealth back to the community.

This is why I started phlow – the community media platform.

On my journey, I was lucky enough to meet Alexander, my business partner, with whom I share this vision of a better world.

A world in which you are not a cog in the social media machine, but a unique individual whose work can be found because it is interesting.

Because your work means something. To you, and to others like you.

It is not about who you know – or who knows you – but what your craft conveys.

It is not about having followers, but like-minded people that can appreciate your creation, not your ability to smile on camera.

It is not about one big corporation, wealthier than many small countries, but a humanistic approach where people can be rewarded for creating a fantastic community, a tribe through what they love to do.

Let us let the content speak for itself, let us allow people to be rewarded for being part of the phlow community.

Let’s make this a reality, together.

Join the community media movement that is phlow.

Carlo Nicora, Founder and Change-Maker at phlow