What We Learned from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018

When we first decided to attend TC Disrupt Berlin 2018, one of the most important technology events in Europe, we knew that we need to prepare and launch something BIG. phlow platform has been live and kicking for over a year now, and we’ve been cooking our renewed storytelling platform for a couple of months before the event. But how to communicate our vision, our passion for making the world a better place with our creation in a way that people who are not only setting the rules, but also changing the tech game could understand us?

We gathered the team and arrived in Berlin a few days before the event. Those were three intense days full of brainstorming, creative thinking and an explosion of ideas that were crafted into original, creative solutions to the problems our users face. We wanted to communicate everything that we’re capable of offering to our users. phlow ecosystem is too complex and comprehensive to be reduced to one simple sentence. But we did it!

A platform for visual storytellers.

A content media led by principles of democracy. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech. A tool to find stories you care about or to publish your own and share it with the community. A content-centric platform that eliminates follow4follow and like4like paradigm. A creative hub to collaborate with other storytellers and make the community (thus, the world) a better place.

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin is a place where dreams meet the investors who can make them true. As expected, it was full of startups willing to prove they are capable of changing the world. From tech leaders and business moguls to headline-making founders and leading investors, Disrupt Berlin was a place to meet great startups sharing their learnings, providing valuable perspective and bringing into the spotlight a wide range of topics.

Startup Alley is the heart of Disrupt Berlin, where more than 400 early-stage startups were showcasing the very latest in technology products, services and platforms. One of those startups was phlow.

What we learned by interacting with our fellow startupers is that, surprisingly – or not, a great number of startups go through the same problems and have to overcome similar obstacles. Market trends affect everyone equally and cause instability in even the most solid businesses. We need to bite hard for our share of cake if we’re about to reach what we need to make our vision come to life.

For phlow, that means hard work day after day. But we realized that we are on the right track
and that the last three years of effort have not been in vain. We have confirmed that our vision is one-of-a-kind and perfectly in line with the current market trends. What we provide is what our market needs! And, they need it now! The timing is right and the product has been sought after. This realization made us take the next step confidently and motivates us to go on and beyond.

At the event, the team was in contact with many people, from attendees interested in using
our product, companies willing to encourage possible partnerships and investors who
showed enthusiasm about our vision. Each one of them had a very specific opinion
and point of view on our product but no one was indifferent hearing about phlow. There is one thing that no one could deny: it’s new, it’s revolutionary and it’s what the world needs.

This demonstrates we are doing something really well.


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