Why we want phlow to provide a fair user experience

Carlo Nicora, CEO and Founder of phlow writes about phlow’s new app and why it’s important it provides a fair user experience.

“This week, Team phlow has launched a new version of our app. As well as providing a much improved digital experience, we hope it provides the ‘fairest’ possible user experience.

What exactly do we mean by that? Well, to put it bluntly – we want phlow – both the company and our app – to ‘do the right thing’.

Why providing a fair user experience is important

As a photographer, I know what it’s like to have to rely on traditional social media to publicise my work. Although it’s called ‘social’, for an introverted creator like me, it’s a soul-destroying process.

Depending on the platform, you either have to network like crazy, following and liking lots of other accounts. Or you pay to get your work shown. In either instance, the quality of content is not prioritised.

I want creators – and people generally – to indulge in the passions that make them feel truly alive. I don’t want them slaving over their phone, obsessively liking and following other people in a way that feels like an addictive game, to promote themselves. It just feels plain wrong.

How we’re making that happen with phlow

So I started phlow with co-founder Alexander to find another way. And this is how it actually works. A reader searches for photos and stories on their passions and interests. Then the collective behaviour of other users determine which photos and journals are most relevant. And content displays in that order.

It’s a very democratic system. The reader is at the centre of the experience. The communities of users support them by identifying the highest quality and most relevant content. The algorithm is the glue holding everything together.

The identity of the person posting – how many subscribers they have etc – makes zero difference to the number of times the image or journal is shown to other users. phlow is about people’s passions – not people’s influence.

If communities want to help make the platform better, all they have to do is focus on creating their best work. Then ensure it’s tagged with the most relevant search term. That’s it! No other hard work required.

What that is doing for our communities

Everyday, new content communities are springing up on phlow, and it feels good, to be honest. Journals cover a wide variety of passions, including plastic waste, censorship versus art, improving body image & self esteem, role playing games, and plane spotting.

I hope that in phlow, people can be themselves. It’s great to create an online space where users can just be who they truly are. I’m a borderline nerd and I’m okay with that.

In the near future we will be activating notifications on comments to encourage more community interaction. We want members of the same community to vibe off each other, to inspire each other and to create more content based on their discussions. This functionality will help with that.

We also want to hear from our users. Got an idea? Get in touch with us today.

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