The Yoga mat is normally used to avoid sweaty feet

Have you experienced sweaty feet on the yoga mat? No worries, you are not the only one. Today, I will share some of my thoughts related to the matter.

We have all experienced sweaty feet on a yoga mat, and this is natural. You have nothing to be ashamed of. When I first started doing yoga, I noticed that my feet are getting slippery, so I thought that I am choosing the wrong yoga mat. As time passed, I learned a lot of things which I want to share with you.

Sweaty Feet on Yoga Mats

I am a simple girl who enjoys traveling to yoga centers, and I also spend a lot of time doing my job – graphic designing. I have two cats and also spend great amount of time on the latest trends and apps. But when all of this becomes overwhelming, I need something to help me disconnect and get me incredibly unwind. Yoga does this for me.

A few years back, I decided to discover more about yoga, and ever since I tried my first poses, I have a lot of things and experiences that I need to share with those who are brand-new to yoga. Some of these problems consist of sweaty feet on a yoga mat and getting slippery while doing the poses.

How to avoid sweaty feet on yoga mats

The best way to prevent sweaty feet on the yoga mat is by never ever wearing socks (unless your yoga trainer says otherwise). This will not only decrease slippery feet, instead, it will also secure you from getting injured. Believe me, I learned the hard way. When you do not wear socks, your instructor can point if you refraining from doing something correctly, thus you will be able to prevent any trouble and injuries.

Are there special non-slippery mats

In fact, there are. If you have been reading Cosmopolitan or Kinfolk as I have, then you know a thing or two about non-slippery mats. If you have sweaty feet on yoga mat then these will work great for you. Not only you can find mats, but there are also non-slippery socks and other products made with rubber grips which will keep you in place while doing a pose.

The perfect yoga mats for sweaty feet

Almost all companies have presented a yoga mat that is porous and, being permeable, this mat will absorb the sweat like a sponge. People practicing on this design of yoga mat will experience less slippery situations, the only thing you should keep in mind while buying this type of yoga mat to avoid sweaty feet is that you will have to clean it more frequently due to the fact that the slip side of the mat will collect all the microorganisms and sweat.

This is a really easy process. You will only need sea salt and water. After cleaning it, leave it for a few hours in the sun, but careful not to forget it outside for a long time.

Manduka PROlite Mat

The PROlite yoga mat provides solid feel while practicing yoga and it is extremely great for people who have sweaty feet during the whole practice. It provides tremendous comfort and convenience for wrists and knees with the ideal amount of cushioning.

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Jade Harmony Professional Mat

This yoga mat is one of the favorites among yoga professionals because of the balance between weight and traction it provides. The Jade Harmony offers a robust grip with open-cell technology and texture for overall performance. This is the perfect way of avoiding getting slippery feet. It is comfortable, lightweight, and is a fantastic alternative for those looking for an ecological mat, one hundred percent natural rubber. If you have sweaty feet, you can definitely try it.

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Last Advice

You can easily prevent sweaty feet on a yoga mat. The primary step is by picking a quality mat. For double protection, and avoiding slippery scenarios it is great to put a towel on the top of the mat. Remember, quality prior to quantity! Buy a mat that you will use for a long time, and not simply an inexpensive one that you will have to toss it in a couple of weeks or months.

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