Yoga Poses that Will Hurt Your Back for Sure

The yoga represents an excellent discipline for the whole body, but it must be done with certain care and precautions. This is because some yoga poses can hurt you.

While I searched for motivational yoga quotes which are related to yoga poses I found something from a fellow yogi. It was an extract from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras written more than 2,400 years ago. The saying is “Anityasuciduhkhanatmasu nityasucisukhatmakhyatiravidya”. It means“What feels good at one time and appears helpful, in the end, can turn out to be a problem. What we think it is useful, in time might prove to be harmful”.

Yoga Poses that will hurt your back

This old quote which I previously mentioned is the reason for today’s inspiration. I am creating this article to inform you about yoga poses that might hurt you if not practiced correctly. New yoga students sometimes do not know how these back spasm injuries happen, so to not end up in an emergency room, follow my tips and instructions.

How to avoid hurting your back with yoga poses

One typical rule when you are doing something new is to never rush it. Exact same thing applies to yoga practicing and you should never believe that most yoga positions will cause you some damage, because they will not!

In a decade or more of practicing yoga positions, nothing serious has ever happened to me during a class. This is because I have always attended sessions while being well-prepared.

All yoga poses were familiar to me because I spend a lot of time researching the very best teachers. Also, the finest yoga centers, the talented yogi who create amazing photos on their public accounts and I have never ended up in the emergency room because of back spasm or foot injuries. If you are a bit skeptic because you have lower back problems already, these are yoga poses you should avoid to prevent back spasm.

Cobra Yoga Pose

This is one of the yoga poses which patients with lower back pain should avoid. This posture is done when the practitioner is bent backward as the position of the snake, where the person is laid on the stomach and with the help of the hands raises the upper body of the ground. Click here to see the pose.

Wheel Posture

This is one of the yoga poses that might seem painful for some people who have back spasm. The position requires the person to lie on their back and with the help of their hands and feet to lift their trunk in the form of U.

Bridge Yoga Pose

This is one of the yoga poses that is not recommended even in its most relaxed form. To make this pose you should lie on your back, bend your knees and place your palms next to your ears and then lift your hips. This asana is not recommended for people with back spasm because it represents a deep effort on the vertebrae.

Bow Yoga Pose

The specific pose remains on the list of most dangerous yoga poses for those who suffer from scoliosis. In this position, while your body is upside down, the two knees should be flexed. Next, you should take your left foot with the left hand and the right knee with the right hand.

Squats and Strides

These are exercises or yoga poses that work on the lower back and body and will put excessive stress on the back. Examples of these exercises are: strides, squats, and stretching of the hamstrings. These exercises aim to work on the spine and a specific muscle group. You need to pay attention and consult before performing any exercise for this body part as it can cause back spasm.

Last Advice

I am not going to mention some weird names of doctors or clinics because I know that these do not mean anything, but instead, I will sincerely recommend that you download some trendy yoga apps that will help you understand the yoga poses and to keep your postures right. If you are inspired by people who do yoga and you want amazing pictures from all around the world, then join the yogi groups and find the yoga practitioners with more followers and enjoy your free time with their tips.

As long as we are talking about back spasm or serious lower back injuries, make sure you follow my tips and do not practice the mentioned yoga poses. Of course, never forget to share your thoughts with me 🙂

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