5 Amazing Yoga Styles: Which Yoga Style Is Best For Me

Have you recently joined the yoga community? In case your answer is positive, stay here as I reveal you which yoga styles are best for me.
If you have recently started watching people doing yoga on pictures or videos and you have heard all those different names, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. If you do not know how to join people who regularly do yoga and different yoga styles, you are not alone. This is the reason why I have created the “Yoga for Beginners” guide, which will become your best friend throughout the beginning phrases.

Yoga Styles or Types

It can be frustrating not being able to understand what all yoga styles do, which is why I will try to briefly explain to you in this short yoga for beginners guide.
These are almost all of the well-known yoga styles : Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Couple Yoga, Pregnant Yoga or Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Kids etc. If you have seen many photos on Instagram of people doing yoga at the beach, outside their houses and at places you could only imagine, let me tell you how you can become one of those. It takes only a few classes until you completely fall in love with yoga, especially Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga).

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My favorite types of yoga for beginners

As an individual who loves traveling and at the same time has to spend a great amount of time studying and taking care of my cat pets, I definitely need time for myself which will increase my energy and make me feel restored. Ever since I discovered the “Hot yoga” and the other bellow mentioned yoga styles, I can say I feel like a new person. I have much more energy and I don’t feel tired during the day, so I don’t need 2 naps in between.
If you also need some changes in your daily routines, I suggest you take a look at my yoga for beginners which include the following yoga styles.
⦁ Hatha Yoga, Physical Yoga
⦁ Raja Yoga, or Mental Yoga
⦁ Karma Yoga, or Yoga of action
⦁ Bhakti Yoga, or Yoga of devotion
⦁ Bikram Yoga, or Health Yoga

For what are these yoga styles famous

Most of the yoga styles that exist are a sub-type of Hatha Yoga. The rest is part of Raja Yoga, mental Yoga, also called Ashtanga Yoga. The other three types of Yoga are less well-known, although they are also part of the traditional 5. The relationship is very close, and we could discuss whether a particular yoga style should be classified with another group or not.
To clarify the concepts of the yoga styles, I offer this brief distinction:

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga comes from the words Ha “moon” and Tha “Sun”. Keeping in mind that Yoga means “Union”, it would mean the “union of the Moon and the Sun”.This is only a metaphor that signifies the union of vital force and mental strength. The practices in the physical field generate a balance that is positive for the mind, and then, the proper mental level to generate the Kundalini is obtained. This is one of the best yoga styles and you should definitely try it.

Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is one of those yoga styles that have more names. It is also called Ashtanga Yoga or Mental Yoga. The great sage Patanjali devised this system of Yoga as a path of eight degrees or steps which purpose is to attain liberation. Among these steps are asanas (or postures) and pranayama (energy control, prana, and regulation of respiration). The main idea behind this yoga for beginners is to control the mind so you can control the body, and with the mental and physical energies mastered, receive the spiritual energy.

Kundalini Yoga

Of all the yoga styles, this is the branch that is most concerned with awakening the cosmic energy (Kundalini). To awaken the kundalini, postures, breathing, psychic gestures, energetic keys, and meditation techniques are used. It is responsible for activating the 7 most important chakras (energy centres) which in humans reside in the spine.

Karma Yoga

This is one of the oldest traditional yoga for beginners. It seems to teach the human being to act selflessly, without thinking about a reward. Mantras are widely used since words are repeated many times and influence the subconscious mind. If you need a bit of peace, then try the best of the yoga styles.

Bikram or “Hot Yoga”

Last but not my least favorite is the Hot Yoga. The Hot Yoga involves making a specific set of asanas in particular order in a heated room at about 40 to 42°. Bikram Yoga is too often mistaken by Hot Yoga include doing yoga postures in a sauna type heated room. Nevertheless, Hot Yoga is nothing more than a Hatha or Vinyasa Flow Yoga done in a hot room.

To conclude

These yoga styles are a lifestyle for people ( including me). If you are recently exploring different yoga for beginners guides I definitely recommend you try the above-mentioned types and yes, do not exclude the Hot Yoga just because you think you will not resist the heat.

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