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The world produces 1.2 trillion photos a year. We can’t break through the clutter to see what matters to us, nor to be found for our photos! While we help sustain social media with our content contribution, nothing goes into our pockets.

What if we put the content we love back at the centre? What if we remove “the noise” by joining a community where people are passionate about photography as much as we are? In a world where content is king, we should not be limited by our networking skills!

How will you choose your tribe?

While you share your photos, your expertise and your time on social media, not only you don’t get paid for it, but also you are exposed to ads that “find you” based on the data you give away!

It’s time to change the game!

phlow is a photography-centred community that provides you with marketing means and a platform to achieve success with your photos! Although our coin is in progress, the phlow platform is alive and kicking! Join, see what you love and be seen by people who love what you do! 

I consume

As a content consumer, you open up avenues for greater engagement which make the photo-sharing platforms work and improve. With improvements, their profits increase while you don’t even have control over the content you see nor the personal data you share.

What if things could be changed? What if you’re able to see photos you truly care about, even if you are not following their creators?

I create

As a content creator, you’re in the role of a contributor that helps social media platforms sustain. Without your content, they just wouldn’t be able to work!”

But, where is your share of the pie?

Furthermore, conditioned by the way social media platforms work, your content exposure is limited to the people who already know you or decide to follow you.

Having the number of likes and follows as primary means for measuring the content performance, your social media exposure is narrowed down to the networking game!

What if you could focus and get appreciated for the quality and relevance of your photos, instead of like4like and follow4follow game? What if you could stop giving away your content and personal data for free?

I influence

As a content curator on social media, you gather the content and information relevant to the particular topic or area of your interest. That way, you help social media identify which topics are popular and which are less relevant. It helps their algorithms work and presents the information that people like you, will be interested to see.

You help individuals and communities get aligned around shared interest and purpose. In other words, you directly contribute to the greater content relevance and engagement!

But, where is your share of the pie?

What if you’re able to make an influence through a carefully curated stream of images, like an editor of the 21st century, and get the full credit for it?


If you love #yoga, you should be able to see the most relevant photographs of yoga, no matter who published them! No more searching for users, following and unfollowing, just to see what you love. phlow is content-centric, meaning that what you see is what you are passionate about.

Today I feel like #worldcup, maybe tomorrow #surfing! The world is yours, you just need to pick your tribe!

be found

With phlow, you can stop wasting time working on your networking skills! Instead, you should focus on what’s important – your photography

In phlow, you don’t need to do anything to get your photos found, other than to publish them! We show the photos you publish to the people interested in what your photo is about. You will automatically build a community around your photography!

show me how

As photographers ourselves, we understand both the challenges and aspirations of young and talented creators who seek for confirmation and a reward for the amazing content you invest your time to create.

At phlow, not only we make sure your photos get seen by people who care about them but also we aim to reward you for being part of our dynamic community! To do so, we saw an opportunity in the blockchain technology that allows token distribution to our active community members!

When our coin is ready, we will distribute 80% of all the net income to our active community members!

To avoid any doubt, phlow is FREE to use and no strings attached for being part of our community! You can start today and benefit from showcasing your photography to the widest possible audience!


It’s a public record of transactions, distributed to hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. These computers are not controlled by a single entity; instead, the data storage is distributed which makes it more secure and eliminates the risk of data misuse. When a change is done to one of those transactions, every computer is notified and agree on validating the transaction.

More information on phlow blockchain to be provided soon.


It’s digital cash. Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies only live online and are regulated by the blockchain, instead of by governments or central banks. The blockchain regulates all the transactions where a cryptocurrency is used.


phlow will launch its Initial Coin Offering by January 2019. If you’re interested in participating in a private sale, please get in touch!

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